🔥🔥 How to Access Blocked Torrent Websites In India [100% Working – Updated 2024]

Every user thinks they have all the rights to browse anything on the web using the internet. After all, the information is fed on the web only for the access and benefit of the users.

But due to one or other reason, the Indian Government has banned some websites to access in India which includes some popular Torrent websites like PirateBay, Torrentz2, LimeTorrents, Extratorrent, EZTV and many more.

Here is our top guide on how to access blocked popular Torrent sites in India.

Method #1: Use proxy to access blocked Torrent sites

If you are an internet user, then you most probably know what a proxy is. The proxy which is also called a “proxy server” is a gateway between the local network and the internet. When you connect with a proxy, you can access the content you want.

There are a number of proxy sites available online which can help you open the blocked Torrent sites in India.

We are going to share you few popular Torrent proxy site’s along with a special site which we consider “Mother of all Torrent proxy”. Are you excited ? Let’s dive in.

The Pirate Bay:

The Pirate Bay has a very long history because of its age as well as controversies. Yes, this is one of the oldest Torrent website.

How to unblock popular Torrent sites – The Pirate Bay proxy

The Pirate Bay features:

  • Founded In: 2003
  • Most famous for Movies, T.V Series, Games, and Software
  • It shows a trusted tag for legit uploader.
  • Always finds a way to be accessible by everyone

The Pirate Bay website was officially closed in the year 2009. The owner was found guilty in a copyright infringement case by the Swedish government.

So, you cannot directly access The Pirate Bay website, but you can use proxy sites to access The Pirate Bay. Here are the few for you to access The Pirate Bay Torrent website:

Pirate Bay Proxy:

Extra Torrent:

Extra Torrent fought hard, and until a couple of years ago, it was the 2nd largest Torrent website right after The Pirate Bay, attracting millions of visitors daily.

Extra Torrent features:

  • Founded In: 2006
  • Most famous for Movies, TV Shows, Games, Software, and Music

However, many complaints were made to hosting companies and domain name service providers to put the website out of commission.

Finally, on 17 May 2017, Extra Torrent voluntarily ceased operations out of the blue.

That being said, here are the best Extra Torrent proxy to keep you entertained.

Extra Torrent Proxy:


Torrentz2 is not a Torrent website rather than a “Torrent Search Engine”. When popular Torrent website Torrentz went dead, this website sprang up and acquired its position.

Though Torrentz2 is a new website comparable to others. This website has its point of uniqueness. In other words, it just works like “Google of the Torrent”. Here are few Torrentz2 proxy sites which you can try:

Torrentz2 Proxy:


Not everyone can afford to spend money on different subscriptions for different streaming sites or apps. isoHunt provides the free service and you can stream, download and upload any content of your choice.

How to unblock popular Torrent sites – isoHunt proxy

isoHunt features:

  • Founded In: 2003
  • Most famous for Movies, TV Shows and Music