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You might have learned about CroxyProxy YouTube in your pursuit of watching blocked or restricted videos on YouTube.

It provides proxy servers that act as an intermediary between your end and the website you are visiting.

CroxyProxy Youtube conceals your actual IP address and location, making your web browsing anonymous, and that’s how you can access restricted YouTube videos.

If you consider using CroxProxy or another tool like this, we are exploring its features, advantages, alternatives, and more.

What Is CroxyProxy?

CroxyProxy is a service that allows users to access the internet through an intermediary proxy server, which enhances privacy, security, and anonymity.

Apart from that, it also allows users to bypass geo-restricted content and access content worldwide, irrespective of where they live.

CroxyProxy is an ideal tool for people who want to browse the internet anonymously and are highly concerned about privacy and data sharing.

The tool helps you access not only YouTube-restricted content but also other content across platforms as well.

What Is CroxyProxy YouTube?

CornProxy Youtube is a service where users can easily access any YouTube video that is blocked or restricted in their city, country, or region.

CroxyProxy provides this service for users looking for a proxy server specifically for YouTube. CroxyProxy offers a web-based proxy that acts as an intermediary between the YouTube server and the user’s device.

Whenever a user requests access to a YouTube video restricted in his/her region, it routes through CroxyProxy’s server.

The CroxyProxy’s server forwards the requests to the YouTube server on behalf of the user, which is why the user gets a response and can access the video.

CroxyProxy Youtube Features

CroxyProxy Youtube, a web-based proxy server, specializes in accessing region-restricted YouTube content and offers various features.

To begin with, it is a highly convenient, simple, and effective solution for watching YouTube videos from other countries or restricted ones from your country.

It’s not that there are no other tools like this, but CroxyProxy YouTube makes it simple with its minimalist user interface and navigation system.

The best part is that users can stream YouTube videos, restricted or otherwise, with no interruption and buffering.

Even more importantly, you will see no whatsoever drop using this proxy server while streaming regarding quality, interruptions, and buffering.

The application is compatible with all devices, so you can easily stream it from any smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, or tablet.

CroxyProxy YouTube also offers robust security and privacy with end-to-end encryption. You wouldn’t even have to log in with them, so there is no data sharing whatsoever.

Also, with this YouTube proxy server, you don’t have to install any software as it is a web-based application quick and easy to access.

How Does Croxyproxy YouTube Work?

As was explained earlier, CroxyProxy is a web-based proxy server through which you can easily access geo-restricted content and browse anonymously.

When you click on any restricted video on YouTube, or any video for that matter, the request goes through the proxy servers of CroxyProxy.

It doesn’t reach the targeted website directly, that is, YouTube in this case. The CroxyProxy’s proxy servers act as an intermediary, a proxy, and retrieve the data you need from YouTube on your behalf and forward it to you.

And that’s why you can access data that is restricted in your region. Also, it prevents your IP address or location from appearing in this transaction, making it anonymous and safer.

Why Do You Need To Use Croxyproxy YouTube?

CroxyProxy YouTube is one of the best proxy server services available that allows users to bypass geo-restricted content on YouTube.

There are indeed other alternatives to CroxyProxy YouTube that will help you achieve the same results. However, using a VPN or any other type of tool has its own disadvantages for this use case.

For example, using a VPN to unblock YouTube is going to cost you a lot. Or it won’t be as convenient and accessible as CroxyProxy Youtube or similar tools like that.

Additionally, they also offer to unblock other social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

You need CroxyProxy YouTube to explore more content worldwide that hasn’t been accessible to you yet.

Also, there are some other benefits, such as improving network performance, adding a layer of privacy and security, protecting user data, and preventing others from tracking your online activities.

How to Use CroxyProxy to Unblock YouTube?

The tool allows you to access any Youtube video anonymously. You don’t have to show your actual IP address to watch any restricted video on YouTube.

They offer free and paid plans where they offer servers available to them to access.

It is quite easy to use CroxyProxy YouTube. All you have to do is go through the following easy steps to unblock YouTube videos in your region.

    • Open any web browser on any device, smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
    • Type the website URL “” in the address and Enter. Keep in mind that their website’s URL keeps changing every once in a while, so it is better to find the right one through Google.
    • Spot the URL field section through where you can access the website via a proxy server. Now, Enter the Youtube URL ““.
    • Click on the “Go” button.
    • Within just a few seconds, you will be directed to YouTube, where every restricted video will be accessible to you. You will be able to use YouTube anonymously.

What Are The Advantages Of Croxyproxy YouTube?

CroxyProxy Youtube is a proxy service for people who want to enjoy YouTube videos that are restricted in their country or region.

Not only that, but you can also watch YouTube videos from a specific country or region that allows you to watch region-specific content first.

It allows you to watch YouTube restriction-free and other video streaming platforms such as Twitch and DailyMotion.

CroxyProxy also improves your web browsing experience in general, where your web history and user data are protected.

The tool hides your location and IP address, allowing advertisers and administration to track or exploit your data.

What Are The Ways To Unblock Youtube?

Apart from using a proxy server like CroxyProxy or its alternative, there are other ways to unblock YouTube.

Here are a few other ways to unblock YouTube:

Use a VPN

A VPN is also an easy method to unblock YouTube or any other website, for that matter. It basically encrypts your internet connection by re-routing your internet request through a remote server.

Due to this, it looks like you are accessing the internet from any other location, region, or even country.

Since it masks your location and IP address, you can easily bypass any filters, regional restrictions, or other similar constraints. You can access YouTube videos from anywhere in the world using a VPN.

Just make sure you use a reliable VPN service that works well with Youtube. Also, remember that a VPN is not entirely foolproof, as it has some limitations. It can still be affected by online attacks and malware.

Use Tor

Tor is, in particular, a web browser that is great for browsing the internet in the highest form of anonymity and security.

If you want to unblock YouTube videos using a web browser, Tor is the best you can get.

It is basically a web browser known amongst political activists, journalists, and similar people who don’t want to appear on the radar of the government or administration.

You must install the software from their official website to use this open-source browser. The kind of anonymity you get with Tor is way better than any other browser available.

However, keep in mind that browsing speed will be reduced with Tor as compared to any VPN or proxy servers.

Tor browser has received a negative reputation in the market due to its involvement in illegal activities because it is often used to access the dark web.

However it is safe, secure, and legal to use the Tor browser, but you need to use it with caution and care.

Using a Browser Extension

You can also use a Browser extension to unblock YouTube videos that are restricted in your region or, for some reason, inaccessible.

Browser extensions add a particular functionality to the browser, making it convenient to use while browsing.

There are some really good VPN unblocker browser extensions for YouTube that you can use. But make sure you pick some reliable browser extension so you won’t have to risk your internet security.

Using an insecure or unreliable browser extension may have malware that can put your internet security at risk. Some of them can also slow down your browsing experience.

Via Google Translate

This one is a bit unnatural and uncommon method to unblock YouTube videos, but it works to some extent.

Google Translate, as you know, is a free translation web-based tool where you can translate any text or web page from one language to another.

So, here’s how you use Google Translate to unblock YouTube:

    • Go to Google Translate from Google homepage service list or app list.
    • Choose English as the output language
    • In the input section, paste the YouTube link that you are not able to access
    • You will see in the output section it will be translated to a ‘clickable’ link
    • Click on the link that popped up in the output section to watch the restricted YouTube video.

Downloading The YouTube Video

Downloading a YouTube video is also a great and simple hack to watch the restricted video. However, this is a violation and may lead to legal action.

It is a common method where users often download YouTube videos through a third-party service by pasting the link there.

However, we do not suggest downloading videos from platforms like YouTube as it violates the Terms of Service of YouTube or other video-sharing platforms.

Here’s what YouTube says in its Terms of Service:

“The following restrictions apply to your use of the service. You are not allowed to: access, reproduce, download, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license, alter, modify, or otherwise use any part of the Service or any Content except: (a) as expressly authorized by the service; or (b) with prior written permission from YouTube and, if applicable, the respective rights holders…”

Modifying YouTube Video URL

This is another quick-fix method for users to unblock YouTube videos that are restricted in their region or for any other reason.

The websites or URLs are blocked in a region by the network administrators, who they simply add these URLs to the blocklist.

So if, for example, “” is in their blocklist, you can bypass it by simply modifying the link to “”

This may trick the network into allowing you to access the same URL. However, remember, this doesn’t work all the time.

In the case where the administrator blocklists all other URL versions as well, then you won’t be able to access restricted content by this method.

Why is CroxyProxy YouTube Is Better Than VPN?

Even though a web-based proxy server and VPN have the same or at least similar purpose, that is to offer anonymity, privacy, security, and bypass geo-restriction.

CroxyProxy Youtube is a web proxy server that works as an intermediary server between your device and the internet.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a much more secure and comprehensive solution to the same issue but at a much larger or deeper level.

Both can allow you to browse anonymously and bypass restricted YouTube content, but CroxyProxy Youtube is simply better than VPN because it is more cost-effective and often slows down your internet.

CroxyProxy Alternatives

If you are looking for CroxyProxy alternatives, numerous options are available, depending on your specific requirements and preferences.

For example, suppose privacy, security, and anonymity are your top priorities, or maybe something related to your work. In that case, you can use the most advanced CroxyProxy alternative, i.e., VPN services.

Or if you just want some more options like CroxyProxy, then Hidester Proxy or Proxysite can be a great choice.

Here, we are going to list the best CroxyProxy alternatives with a comparison of their pros and cons so that you can pick them for yourself.

Features CroxyProxy ProxySite Hidester Proxy VPN Services Tor Browser FilterBypass Kproxy
Anonymity Medium Medium Medium High High Medium Medium
Security & Privacy Basic Basic Basic Advanced High Basic Basic
Ease of Use High High High High Medium High High
Speed Varies Varies Faster in Premium Version High Slow Varies Varies
Encryption None None HTTPS In Premium Version High High None None
Cost Free & Premium Free & Premium Free & Premium Paid Free Free & Premium Free & Premium

Hidester Proxy

Website URL:

One of the best CroxyProxy alternatives has to be Hidester Proxy, a web-based browser extension proxy to bypass restricted content easily.

The tool basically re-routes your internet traffic to intermediary servers or nodes to mask your true IP and location. It is a great tool to pick if you are looking forward to watching geo-restricted content on YouTube and looking for an ideal CroxyProxy alternative.

    • Can run simultaneously five multiple connections under one account
    • Supports torrenting
    • Best for unblocking Netflix, BBC, and some other streaming/video platforms, including Youtube
    • Speed is not too good
    • Costly plans A low number of servers available
    • Some complications in using their apps


Website URL:

ProxySite is a very well-known free web proxy service that allows users to unblock restricted content on various websites like YouTube, Twitter, VK, and many others. The service is available as a browser extension that you can install to any browser, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc.

    • High level of anonymity
    • Simple and easy-to-use user-friendly interface
    • Bypass geo-restricted content
    • Trusted and reliable
    • Offers SSL encryption
    • Slower speed sometimes
    • Not a foolproof solution in terms of security

VPN Services

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which is a much more extensive or elaborate solution than CroxyProxy.

Any VPN basically encrypts your web traffic, using proxy servers as intermediaries between targeted clients and users, making it difficult for others to track you online.

For the same reason, a VPN is easily able to bypass any geo-restriction on any content, including blocked YouTube videos.

    • High on privacy and internet security
    • Anonymous Browsing
    • Encryption of your web traffic
    • Improves internet performance
    • Not free, can be costly
    • Sometimes slows the internet speed
    • Not completely reliable

Tor Browser

Website URL:

One of the best CroxyProxy alternatives has to be Tor Browser, a modified, upgraded, and much more privacy-oriented Mozilla Firefox browser.

The key feature of the Tor browser is its extreme level of anonymity for users in web browsing. It masks your IP address, location, and other data related to you and keeps it hidden from other websites.

If you are looking for not only a CroxyProxy alternative but also a privacy and anonymity web browser, Tor is the one for you to pick.

You can use the web browser on MacOS, Linux, laptop computers, Windows desktops, iOS, and Android as well.

Since the Tor web browser encrypts data at the client automatically, it is way more secure, private, and faster to use.

The browser also disables all the JavaScript data, video loading, automatic image, and other elements to boost the privacy and security of the user data.

    • Available across platforms including Mac, Android, Windows, etc
    • High level of anonymous browsing
    • Automatically decrypt the data from the client side
    • Easy accessibility to restricted or blocked websites and content
    • Strong data encryption
    • Disables JavaScript to boost security and privacy
    • It is not ideal for long-term streaming due to inconsistent or slow speed
    • Not entirely foolproof against attacks and hacks
    • Might still not be able to see some blocked sites
    • Browsing speed is a bit slower


Website URL:

KProxy is a web-based proxy service where internet users can surf the web anonymously and also change their IP address and country.

You can also use Kproxy browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge, making it even more convenient and faster to use.

The tool gives you great anonymity and privacy for safe and secure web browsing. Accessing any restricted content in your region becomes quite easy.

Just like CroxyProxy, you can use KProxy to access region-restricted YouTube videos without any hassle.

    • High level of anonymous browsing
    • Available across platforms
    • Re-routes internet traffic with encryption
    • Disables JavaScript to boost security and privacy
    • It may slow down the internet speed
    • It is not a foolproof solution for security and privacy
    • Not always reliable


FilterBypass is a popular proxy server tool that is used by people who want to surf the web anonymously.

It is an ideal service for users who try to stay out of the surveillance of administration and companies so they can protect their user data that might be used in their exploitation.

It is as good as CroxyProxy, and you can watch any YouTube video from any other country very easily.

    • Hides your location and IP for better anonymity
    • Re-routes your web traffic
    • Good for a free-of-cost web-based proxy tool
    • Reduce internet speed
    • Still a possibility of malware attack or security issue

Comparison of CroxyProxy Premium vs. Free plan

CroxyProxy is primarily a free web-based proxy service for users who want to bypass geo-restricted content, including blocked YouTube videos. And for that, you don’t have to pay a single penny. Choosing whether you should go for a free or premium plan depends upon the intensity and frequency of your usage.

If you are going to use the tool for usual purposes in lower or limited frequency, then their free plan is more than enough for you.

As of today, they only have one premium plan worth $3.50 per month, which offers you some additional security and services.

To help you decide better, here is a comparison table between their Free plan and premium plan on the basis of different features.

CroxyProxy Features Free Plan Premium Plan
Server Locations Limited Much Wider Range
Speed Limited Faster servers, More bandwidth
Accessibility Limited Easier and more accessible
Ads/ Pop-ups Included Ad-free
Pricing Free Subscription fee of $3.50 per month (via Patreon)
File Size Limited No Limitation
Customer Support Either limited or not available On Priority
Security & Privacy Basic & Limited features High security, and privacy
Usage Limited data and sessions usage Least restrictions

How To Buy a Croxyproxy Premium Plan

CroxyProxy offers free as well as premium plans to their users. If you are only looking for anonymous browsing and accessing region-restricted content on YouTube, then the free version is sufficient for you.

However, their paid or premium plan offers some additional features that make your YouTube proxy browning even faster and more secure.

First of all, you will have faster connections through various proxy servers, ensuring you will always have access to geo-restricted content and secure browsing.

You will also get more dedicated support that will respond to you faster when you face some technical or other difficulty.

The croxyProxy premium plan also provides some advanced security features that take anonymous browsing and privacy concerns to another level.

To buy the CroxyProxy premium plan, all you have to do is go to their official website. Navigate for the “Premium” button on their homepage.

It will take you to their premium plans webpage and help you choose your best plan. Currently, they only have one, i.e., $3.50 per month. They are using Patreon to offer their premium plan to their paid users.

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CroxyProxy Youtube Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How Do You Use Croxyproxy YouTube?

Ans. To use CroxyProxy YouTube, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Open any web browser.
  • Go to the official website of CroxyProxy, YouTube.
  • Navigate to the YouTube proxy option.
  • Enter the Youtube address.
  • Click on the “Go” button to start the connection.
  • After clicking, you will be able to access the YouTube videos without any restrictions.

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