AsyncBatchRunner Design Proposal

AsyncBatchRunner Design Proposal I’d like to propose a small library which allows you to asynchronously submit jobs and execute the jobs in batch later with PHP. Objective This small library will provide a generic asynchronous batching interface. The primary use case of this library is our Logging agent on our runtime, but I want it […]

Running WordPress on App Engine Standard Environment

I have just added a support for App Engine Standard Environment to the WordPress helper script. In this post, we will walk through how to run WordPress on App Engine Standard Environment. Oh but which environment to choose; flexible, or standard? You may want to read The App Engine Environments before the decision. Prerequisites Create […]

Moved to the new domain

I have just moved this site to a new domain from the old domain I bought this nice domain at Google Domains. It was very smooth 🙂 Then I bought cheap SSL certificate at about $5.00/year at I configured the domain mapping and uploaded the certificate and the private key on […]

Using Memcache proxy for caching pages

This post is deprecated. This is the forth post of “Running WordPress on Managed VMs” series. On Managed VMs, you can use Memcached service(the link is for Python runtime, but the basic is the same) out of the box. In this post, I’ll show you how to use WordPress plugins to use the Memcached service […]

Using Google Cloud Storage for media upload

This is the third post of “Running WordPress on Managed VMs” series. Originally App Engine PHP Runtime provides a very handy stream wrapper for accessing Google Cloud Storage. In this post, I will show you how to utilize this stream wrapper on Managed VMs and use GCS as the media storage for your WordPress blog. […]

WordPress on Managed VMs (DEPRECATED)

This post is deprecated in favor of the new post. We have just released a PHP docker image for App Engine Managed VMs. Please see the README file for how to use the image. Managed VMs provides more flexible PHP runtime environment, compared to App Engine. Then running WordPress on App Engine should be now more […]