Latest IsoHunt Working Websites, Proxies & Alternatives 2024

IsoHunt was a well-liked Bit Torrent search engine with a robust P2P user base. Through this program, users can communicate with one another, which results in ratings and comments that are useful and makes it easier to find new stuff. Even though IsoHunt is one of the most well-known torrent sites on the internet, it may close within the next week due to continuous legal issues it has with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

Is Isohunt Safe?

Not fully. Using any torrent client without a virtual private network entails risk. None of them can conceal your IP address. Either your pals are very fortunate or they aren’t downloading anything that might violate copyright. IsoHunt is a dependable service whether you want to watch movies, TV shows, music videos, or video games online.

What Happened to Isohunt?

When the MPAA filed a lawsuit against the website in October 2013, it was removed. But as the month was coming to a conclusion, information about two more websites that seemed to be mirrors surfaced. Eventually,, one of these websites, replaced the original. File-sharing search engine iso hunt has decided to close its doors after coming to a $110 million deal with the studios. Since 2006, isohunt torrent has been battling big studios in court.

What is the New Website of Isohunt in 2023?

isoHunt Proxy

An abundance of proxy and mirror websites poses as the official IsoHunt initiative. The people behind IsoHunt, website managers, and participants in various online groups are in charge of keeping them updated and functional. On proxy and mirror sites, every single page of the original site’s content and user interface are exact replicas. The only thing that separates any proxy site from the others are the servers they employ.

Note: We don’t encourage illegal downloading, so please use torrents to get your hands on media that isn’t protected by intellectual property laws.

How to Download IsoHunt Torrent Movies?

In terms of entertainment, downloading movies from the internet using BitTorrent has been incredibly popular. IsoHunt is among the top BitTorrent search engines that make it easier to find and download user-approved video material. You can burn movies to DVDs and watch them on a home DVD player or television after downloading them from IsoHunt. Burning your IsoHunt movies on a DVD will both secure them and save up some hard disk space. It is possible to create a genuine DVD burner with the aid of other resources. Your motivation for success is not important. In this tutorial, you will learn how to get movies from IsoHunt and discover three excellent apps that will assist you in converting those movies to DVD format.
To ensure that the assignment is completed successfully, please refer to the instructions below.

    • Visit IsoHunt. Like Google Search, you type the movie term into a blank search window. Second, choose “Search” from the list.
    • Select “Download” from menu. The website then displays your personalised torrent list.
    • Choose the result with the most reputable and relevant link.
    • Forth, click a link to browse the torrent download page. Any torrent client may download torrent files from that URL. Thus, you may view torrent movies on your computer or smartphone.

You have to take a few steps to use the isoHunt proxy on your system. The first step is to click on the visit button. You have to click on the isoHunt proxy website and use a different domain name as it is a mirror site.

Then you have to click on the search option at the top of the site. Now, you have to type the name of the file that you are searching for and click on Enter button. A list of files with seeders and file size details appears on the screen. The next thing you have to do is to choose the file that you have to download with the isoHunt proxy website.

Now, click on the magnet link or download the torrent. Then you can download the torrent in the app and use it as the main file.

The Best Alternative to Isohunt Site

isoHunt alternatives

Are you looking for an iso hunt substitute? Torrents are a great way to get software and other digital content, as well as audio and video files. When a well-known torrent search engine vanishes, as Isohunt did not too long ago, consumers could get stuck and unsure of where to get assistance. Thankfully, there are plenty of substitute isohunt torrent sites that ought to assist you in finding the information you’re looking for.

i. 1337x

1337x is a good iso hunt alternative. Using the BitTorrent protocol, 1337x is a peer-to-peer file sharing index that offers magnet links and torrent files. 1337x ranked second in 2023 traffic behind Google, according to TorrentFreak, a news blog.

ii. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay originated as a file-sharing website in 2003, operated by Piratbyrn, a Swedish anti-copyright organisation. This website uses the BitTorrent protocol more than any other, which makes it perfect for sharing big files.

iii. EZTV

Eztv distributes TV shows using magnet web links and torrent files to allow BitTorrent users to share media. It’s easy to use and understand, has all the features you desire, and looks great. Its design makes finding and downloading TV programme torrents easy.

iv. ExtraTorrents

For torrent fans, Extra Torrents is a realistic alternative to Pirate Bay and a major danger. It was among the original torrenting companies and had a simple UI. Extra Torrents’ first page usually features popular material and downloaded torrents.

v. Torrentz2

A dependable and quick metasearch engine is Torrentz2. There are many search engine rankings produced. With millions of users and access available around the clock, the website provides free service.


Because it makes the majority of software download and installation URLs available, RARBG is fantastic. This user-friendly website offers a number of possibilities for users to explore. Here, you can easily locate the links on your website.

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