1337x Proxy Sites to Unblock 1337x.to Torrent Site (Tested List)

Everyone knows how to download free stuff with the help of the internet. In today’s life, many people are having subscriptions to many sites for swatching movies but not everyone can afford such costs. Moreover, it is not always legal to download such stuff. Everyone must be aware of the stuff and must download from a site that will provide you with your favorite movies and that is also for free. One can download from peer-to-peer websites and one such site is 1337x.

Because of certain things, it has become difficult to access 1337x.to Torrents site fully. However, there is no need for worrying as there are few ways of accessing the 1337x site. The ways for accessing the site may be by using a VPN or by accessing proxy sites. Accessing 1337x proxy sites is one of the easiest ways to get your favorite movies downloaded and that is also for free. 1337x proxy uses the same database as that of the 1337x which helps you in ensuring that you are able to access all the features of the 1337x website.

What is a 1337x Torrent?

1337x is one of the most popular and substantial torrenting sites allowing users to download movies, games, videos, apps, software, and other torrents. 1337x site is used by millions of people worldwide to download their favorite torrent files. Moreover, it has a simplified and clean interface, making downloading much easier for users. Therefore, if you are a beginner in the torrenting industry, you can start with 1337x.to as your first torrent website.

Category Available on 1337x Website

Category Available on 1337x

    • Movies
    • TV Shows
    • Games
    • Television
    • Music
    • TV library
    • New TV Episodes
    • Anime
    • Applications
    • Documentaries
    • Top 100 Torrents
    • Trending Torrents
    • Movie library
    • Other

What are the Official Mirror Sites of 1337x Torrent?

The official 1337x.to mirrors are as follows:

    • 1337xto.to (Active since Oct. 2019)
    • 1337x.is (Active since Jan. 2019)
    • x1337x.se (Active since May. 2018)
    • x1337x.eu (Active since Mar. 2018)
    • x1337x.ws (Active since Dec. 2017)
    • 1337x.st (Active since Oct. 2017)

1337x Proxy Sites List For December 2023 – 100+1% Manually Checked & Added (Updated)

Note: We do not encourage any kind of downloading copyrighted content. This website is only for informational purposes.

Why Should You Use the 1337x Proxy/Mirror Sites?

1337x Proxy

There are many reasons for using 1337x torrent proxy however the important ones are given below-

    • One can download files very fast and easily with the help of the 1337x proxy site.
    • You can work while downloading the contents that is your downloading can run in your background if you are using the 1337x proxy.
    • These 1337x mirror sites help in resuming the download from where you left that is if you lose your internet connection. If a person loses their internet connection while downloading or after downloading half of it, then it won’t start from the beginning.

How Does 1337x Proxy Work?

There are many 1337x proxy sites for torrent. The main reason for the working of the proxy sites is to decrease the limitation for the main sites. There are many people who love to download free content. There is an IP for every single computer having internet. IP stands for the Internet Protocol address. A proxy server is nothing but an IP address which your computer has knowledge about. After sending a request on the web proxy server receives it first and then it makes a web request on behalf of your server. After this collecting the data from the server takes place and then you receive the data that you can see it on your webpage. This is the main principle behind the working of a proxy site. 1337x proxy site follows the same mechanism in providing the users with the required content.

Best 1337x Alternatives Torrent Sites For December 2023

1337X Alternatives- 1337x Proxy

There are some of the alternatives for 1337x if you find it hard enough to access them. They are given below-

Kickass Torrents


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It is one of the best alternatives for the 1337x site as it works on the same procedure as that of the 1337x. Different nations are there where people use this site for downloading their favorite content.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

Similar: Piratebay Alternatives & Piratebay Proxy

This is also one of the most preferred sites for downloading content and is similar to that fo the 1337x site. This site is also having a block in different countries but still, there are good proxies for this site. It may be difficult to find the site sometimes but once you got the site then you can download your stuff very easily.



Similar: Torrentz2 Alternatives & Proxy

This is an index that helps their user in finding their torrent content from a large directory. This directory is from different sites of the torrent. You will be scanning some of the existing sites of torrent and then you can choose the best option for yourself. Older content is easily found here.



Similar: EZTV Alternatives & Proxy

The site is active also after getting accusations of stealing content from ETTV. There may be some content missing but surely you will get good quality stuff here.



Similar: Limetorrents Alternatives & Proxy

If a person is looking for legitimate torrents then this lime torrent can be a good option. This is having a constant update with new stuff on the website. A health meter is there for each file which can reduce your potential risk.

More 1337x.to Torrents Alternative Proxy List

TamilRockers Proxy
Yify Proxy
Tamilmv Proxy
Croxy Proxy Youtube
Youtube Proxy
Torrent9 Proxy
Zooqle Proxy
13377x Proxy
Demonoid Proxy
Isohunt Proxy
Torrentgalaxy Proxy
Magnetdl Proxy
H33T Proxy
Skytorrents Proxy
1377x Proxy
Torrentdownloads Proxy

For avoiding fake torrents this one of the best alternatives for 1337x  in the list. There is a large database of content on this site and people can navigate it around very easily.

How to Use 1337x.to Torrent?

With an easy-to-use and simplified interface, 1337x.to is very easy to use for torrent users. A search option is available on the website homepage, where you need to search for the torrent you wish to download. Many links exist for movies, videos, games, music, eBooks, and other media content. However, to use the 1337x torrent website, you must follow some simple steps.

    • Visit the 1337x torrent website, which is https://1337x.to. You can also select the mirror links of the 1337x torrent site which are x1337x.ws, x1337x.se, 1337x.st, x1337x.eu, 1377x.to.
    • Search the torrent file from the search option which you would like to download.
    • Click on the desired link from the list of torrent links provided to download the torrent.
    • Once the torrent file is downloaded, you can start streaming it.

1337x Website Overview & Traffic Statistics

1337x Website Overview & Traffic Statistics

S.No. Type Overview
1 Website Type Magnet-Links Provider, Torrent Index
2 Official Website https://1337x.to/
3 Status Currently Working
4 Country Origin California, USA
5 Categories Movies, TV Shows, Games, Music, Applications, Anime, Documentaries & More…
6 Country Availability Worldwide
7 Registration Optional
8 Free & Paid Free
9 Founded Year 2007, 16 Years Ago
10 Website Structure JavaScript, HTML, & PHP
11 Monthly Traffic 55.40M
12 Pages per Visit 7.55
13 Avg. Visit Duration 00:05:03
14 Bounce Rate 21.26%
15 Global Rank #567
16 Country Rank #1,009

Advantages of 1337x Torrent

There are several advantages to using the torrent 1337x website for downloading content. The advantages of 1337x torrent are as follows:

    • The file downloading speed of 1337x is more than other torrent websites.
    • The downloading process on 1337x does not stop once it is started. Once you restart your device, you can continue from the same place. The download on 1337x is saved.
    • The interface is very much simplified, allowing users to browse through the website interface quickly.
    • There are many seeders and peers on the website.
    • The contents are well organized on the 1337x torrent site.
    • There is a variety of torrents found on the 1337x torrent site.
    • High-quality content are found on the website.

How to Download Movies From 1337x?

How to Download Movies From 1337x

Follow the steps below to download 1337x movies present on the torrent site.

    • First, open the 1337x torrent website using your mobile or web browser.
    • You will find a search bar where you must enter the movie name you want to download on your device. Click on the search button.
    • From the suggestions of the movies, click on the link that you want to download.
    • Select the magnet link option for downloading your movie.
    • Open the BitTorrent client and download the movie on your device.
    • Once the movie is downloaded from 1337x torrent magnet, you can stream it on your device.

How to Download Game From 1337x?

The steps for downloading 1337x games are as follows:

    • Open the 1337x torrent website and click on the search option.
    • Search for the game you want to download on your device and press enter.
    • Search for the option with the name of the creator which you are looking for and right-click on it.
    • Select the magnet download option and open the file with a Bit Torrent protocol.
    • Once the download is over, you can play the game on your device.

Why Would 1337x be Blocked?

1337x is very simple but also an amazing website and it is also having its own community type. There are many uploaders here who provide direct torrents to this site from where others can download their content easily. So this website is a popular destination for everyone to download their favorite TV shows, movies, games, software, eBooks, etc.

However recently due to certain reasons, this site is getting a ban from some countries as well as some internet service providers. So if this 1337x torrent site is ban in your country then you won’t be able to access it easily. There is a regular block to this 1337x site by the country’s ISPs which is following strict law. You can also go through prosecution if you download content. For conserving the bandwidth your ISP can play a good role in blocking the access or throttle your speed of download. This is basically for inhabiting the site’s use which makes it extremely late to download the content of the file. During these cases, 1337x proxy will play an important role for you.

How to Unblock 1337x?

1337X Unblock - 1337x Proxy

No need of worrying if you are having an issue blocking in the 1337x torrent site. As there are ways for accessing the site as mentioned above. One can take the help of a VPN for accessing the 1337x site and download content easily. One can establish a connection by using VPN servers which are having locations in different countries that may be more forgiving if there is a comparison between this and copyright issue. One can hide their IP safely and download your content without letting your ISP know. Unblock 1337x very easily just by using any VPN.

One can also access the site with the help of several 1337x proxy sites. You can simply search them on the web and get access to them for free. The proxy will be having all the content the same as that of the main website of 1337x. The 1337x proxy site will be having different addresses with different servers. So this way you can resolve the problem that you might face because of the blocking by ISP. One can also receive a very good download speed from the proxy 1337x when compared to the servers of the VPN. The main reason for more speed in the 1337x torrent proxy is the throttling of the connection a person is having.

How to Check Whether 1337x Blocked or not?

There may be times when you will not be having any kind of knowledge about the blocking of 1337x and you will also not know when to use 1337x torrent proxy. If you cannot open a site or you’re shown with the thing error 404 not found then be assured that you are having a block on the site. Then stop panicking and switch to 1337x proxy sites. 1337x Unblocked without worrying by using proxy sites or using a VPN as you wish.

History of 1337x


In the year 2018, this 1337x torrent site came under the third most popular site for downloading content. 1337x had its origin in the year 2007 but the popularity increased in the year 2016. The gain of popularity was from the time when Kickass Torrent was closed. In 2016, in the month of October website redesign took place with new different functionalities. In Google search queries the site is having a ban. The option of banning was from the year 2015. For evading the block the site made a change from an older to a new domain. If some country is having a ban on this site then there are many 1337x proxy 2023 for downloading your content.

Conclusion: How much you use alternatives, just keep in mind that 1337x provides you with the best content with good quality. You can use the 1337x proxy sites if you are having difficulty accessing the original site. The number of contents which are there in this site is of no match on other site and keeps the other site far behind. Even the new releases are present on this site. So try to go through the steps above to access the free and easy-to-use 1337x site.

1337x Proxy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do I open or access 1337x?

Ans. Torrent sites like 1337x.to are increasingly being blocked by internet service providers. But don’t worry; you can easily access 1337x through the following methods:

Using a VPN

Connecting to a trusted VPN encrypts your data and tunnels it to a server of your choosing. With this procedure, your current Internet service provider (ISP) will be replaced by the new server. Since you are no longer connecting to the internet via your ISP’s servers, you are immune to any filtering measures taken at that level. You have just made your entire internet accessible to you.

Use a proxy site

By using a proxy site, your browser will first connect to the proxy server, which will then forward your traffic to the actual torrent site and its mirrors. So, it’s a safe and secure way for users to bypass blocks on 1337x torrent site.

Q. How do I unblock 1337x?

Q. How do I download movies from 1337x?

Q. What is the real 1337 website?

Q. How to download software from 1337x?