44+ EZTV Proxy (Dec 2023) Working Mirror Sites To Unblock

EZTV was an excellent source for downloading the latest movies, shows, series, and more. It was a TV torrent distribution site that was one of the most visited torrent sites for TV shows. With EZTV, you could easily find any content that was not available on YouTube and other streaming platforms.

But, EZTV went offline in 2015 due to legal issues and is no longer available. Fortunately, there are alternatives to this service, we have listed all the working EZTV proxy and mirror sites that can be used to access the EZTV new domain’s content. So, if you are looking for the latest TV shows and movies, these EZTV proxy sites will help you get them.

New EZTV Proxy Sites List (2023)

Not everything is available on YouTube and other streaming platforms. People love to watch the latest movies, shows, and series, and EZTV was a good option for that. It had all the popular TV shows and movies that you could download easily and quickly.

But since it has gone offline, its users are not able to access the content. Here, we have listed all the new EZTV proxy sites that you can access by clicking on the links given below.

EZTV Alternatives (2023)

When it comes to finding alternatives to EZTV, there are various options available. We have listed the best EZTV alternatives that you can check out and start downloading movies, shows, and series.

EZTV Mirror Sites To Unblock EZTV In 2023

Before the ban, EZTV was the most visited torrent site for TV shows. It has a vast collection of content, so it is not surprising that people are still looking for ways to unblock EZTV and access its content.

Mirror sites are great options to unblock any restricted website and the main advantage is that they are almost identical to the original site. So, you can easily surf the content on the EZTV mirror sites without any problems. Go through the list of EZTV mirror sites given below and start accessing the content.

What is an EZTV proxy?

EZTV was founded in May 2005 and it was one of the oldest torrent sites that offered digital content files simply and without login. Unfortunately, EZCLOUD claimed copyright infringement in 2015, so search engines blocked access to this website.

An EZTV proxy site is a copy of the original EZTV website with a different domain name. These proxy sites are hosted in countries where EZTV is not blocked. So, if you use any of these proxy sites, you will be able to access the content on EZTV.

How Does EZTV Torrent Work?

EZTV torrent is a web-based platform that works on peer-to-peer technology. It used to be one of the most popular torrent websites, providing users with access to a wide range of TV shows and movies.

When using EZTV torrents, users can search for their desired content on the website and then download it onto their computer or device. The file is then opened in a BitTorrent client, which is used to coordinate the distribution and downloading of files from other users in the network. This process allows for fast download speeds, and also ensures that the user has access to the latest version of a file.

Once a file is downloaded, other users who are connected to the same network can start downloading from your computer or device – this is known as “seeding”. Seeding helps keep torrents alive and ensures that the file will remain available for others to download.


We hope that all the EZTV proxy sites and mirror sites listed above will help you easily access the content on EZTV. You can start downloading your favorite TV shows and movies quickly, without any interruptions. We have also explained how EZTV torrent works so that you can better understand the process behind this platform.

Disclaimer: We don’t support piracy and this information is for educational purposes only.