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Everyone enjoys using free online content that they can download. The majority of free downloads on the internet come from torrent sites. You may download practically anything via torrent sites, including software, games, music, and other items. Download a torrent file from any torrent website, such as or 1377x Proxy, and install uTorrent or BitTorrent software on your PC and run it after the download.

One of the most popular torrent sites, 1377x enables users to download various media, including movies, TV series, software, and games. Consumers worldwide want to learn the quickest approach to open and download movies, software apps, or music albums from 1377x or 1377x to torrents. 1377x to proxy torrent offers free downloads of recent films and TV shows.

1377x Search Engine

1377x search engine is an online portal that uses magnetic links to provide downloading services. It is the third most visited website in the family of torrent websites; this one is accessible from anywhere worldwide. Sixteen years ago in 2007, the official 1377x torrent website was introduced. Since ISPs or anti-piracy organizations stopped kickass torrent, 1377x has become India’s biggest and most popular torrent site (as of 2020).

The website was updated with additional features and capabilities in October 2016 by 1377x torrents. To avoid Google blocking, the website changed its original domain name to several mirror sites in 2015. The website’s domain names frequently take on new forms, such as, 13777x, 13777x to, 1377xto, 1377x, etc., and include a variety of name extensions.

Top 1377x Working Websites October 2023 (Updated)

Here is the updated & working 1377x torrent websites list, which is checked to ensure every website is operational. The official site administrators are in charge of these 1377x sites with similar content but distinct domains. You can virtually browse the same content on all 1377x proxy websites, and their user interfaces are nearly identical to the original website.

Note: Downloading, sharing, and uploading content without proper authorization and permission is illegal. We are strictly against encouraging torrenting websites. The written content is to provide information only and we don’t take ownership of any content. We suggest people not use content against copyright laws present in their states else they will get themselves into a big legal issue.

Why is 1377x Search Engine Best?

1377x Search Engine

Despite the reasonable alternatives, the following characteristics help distinguish 1377x as a top source for video, music, software, and game file downloads.


Online, there are many places where you may acquire videos without paying any money. It explains why 1377x torrents draw such a sizable following from all around the world. The site’s inventive design allows users to download full-length movies, TV episodes, music albums, and software programs for free. The vast database of our torrent website contains all of the most recent films and TV episodes.

Accessibility of Great Content

The many movies available on the 1377x torrents site include those in many other languages, including Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Spanish, French, and others. The 1377x movies website offers films in various genres, including biopics, comedies, thrillers, suspense, action, and adventure. Video quality, download size, subtitles, cast information, and other details are supplied for 1377x Hindi movie download. The resolutions of films include 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, HD, Full HD, etc.

For gamers, 1377x offers a wide variety of games, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC games. Users can get practical application software from this website. For individuals with little resources who are unable to buy software from other sources, it is a useful resource. Through a helpful app, the apk format provides accessibility on mobile devices.

Unique Interface

Most torrent sites can be accessed for free but must function better to meet users’ demands. Unlike many other torrent sites, 1377x works quickly, making it simple for users to explore the website and quickly download the necessary information. The website for 1377x has an appealing and simple-to-use user interface.

The website’s material is divided into many categories: movies, games, apps, documentaries, television shows, etc. The uploaded content is classified under the appropriate sections depending on its type. The users can quickly locate their area of interest thanks to this categorization. If you know what you want from the torrent site, enter its name in the homepage’s enlarged search bar.

Outstanding User Experience

Of all the torrent websites we’ve reviewed, 1377x torrent magnet UI is the most user-friendly. Users are aware that intelligent design results in a better product experience. As the user tries to download videos and other content from a pirate website, they are constantly barraged with advertising. Users don’t experience any bother or tension when downloading from the 1377x torrent.

Freely Available

Why is there such a large online user base for the 1377x website? The flawless stuff on the 1377x app torrent site can be downloaded or streamed for free online without any trouble. Registration is not necessary. You can directly browse the content by opening the website.


With numerous websites still offering torrents for free on the internet, 1377x remains a top choice among torrent enthusiasts across the globe. This platform’s exceptional attributes simplify users’ lives by offering free access to high-quality movies, web series, software, and games. Not only does 1377x provide a wide range of films and games, but it also delivers the latest and most popular downloads.

How to Use Torrent Site?

    • You only need to access the webpage in your browser for the first step. To access the website, type 1377x torrent web address.
    • After opening 1337x’s site, you will get to see a lengthy search bar at the top of the screen. Enter your favorite programs, games, etc. in the search area. You may locate concepts like movies, games, music, etc. in the search box. Here, you may search for your preferred category.
    • Numerous suggestions fit your search term when you enter the name of a movie or software application file into the search window.
    • You will be directed to the next page after clicking on your preferred movie or software file, where a magnet download option will be visible. Just select the magnet download option by clicking.
    • The conversation window will show up after you click on it. The choices “Open BitTorrent” and “Cancel” are on the screen.
    • You must select the option to “Open Bittorrent.” The BitTorrent program will be immediately redirected to you once the application is launched, like “OK,” to start the download.

How to Unblocked Torrent?

How to Unblocked Torrent

Since torrenting is unlawful since the website gives users access to copyrighted content for free, torrent sites have been blocked by ISPs and government officials everywhere.

We highly advise against visiting any pirated websites. However, you have complete control over this, which is in your best interest. As a result, we provide you with the most effective approach to open the 1377x torrent website in your browser.

Using VPN

A VPN network is the best and most dependable solution to 1377x unblock or its proxy website. A VPN is a personal service that enables users to access the web secretly. It alters the user’s geolocation and assigns them a new IP address. Your internet activity cannot be tracked because the VPN hides your identity. Additionally, it prevents fraudsters from using your data. It stops dangerous viruses from getting onto your device. The list below includes a few well-known VPN providers-

    • Express VPN
    • Windscribe VPN
    • TunnelBear VPN
    • IPVanish VPN
    • Surfshark VPN
    • Private VPN
    • VyprVPN

Using Tor Browser

One more way of a 1377x unblock is using Tor Browser. To unblock 1377x Torrent using the Tor Browser, follow these steps-

    • Download and install the Tor Browser: Visit the official Tor Project website and download the Tor Browser for your operating system.
    • Launch the Tor Browser: Open it once installed on your device.
    • Connect to the Tor Network: The Tor Browser will automatically connect to the Tor network, anonymizing your internet traffic.
    • Access In the Tor Browser’s address bar, enter the URL 1377x and press Enter. Ensure that you respect any applicable laws and regulations while using torrent websites.

How to Download Movies from 1377x?

No one requires buy a movie ticket if they can see it for free online! This guide’s for you if watching movies at home is more your style than going to the theater. We advise using a VPN to download torrents safely and securely.

Here’s how to swiftly download movies using a VPN and a 1377x proxy-

    • Sign up for VPN.
    • VPN may be downloaded and installed on your device.
    • Use your credentials to log in.
    • Link up with a VPN server.
    • Visit the 13777x torrent website or one of the aforementioned mirror sites.
    • Look for the desired movie torrent.
    • Download the movie of your choice from the list of torrent links.
    • Wait for the torrent to download before beginning the installation.

How to Download Games from 1377x?

1377x is one of the best websites for downloading free because of its extensive collection of recently released titles. Use a VPN first before downloading anything from the 1377x torrent website. Here is how to get recently released games using the torrent-

    1. Register for a VPN.
    2. Now download and set up a VPN on your device.
    3. To log in, use your credentials.
    4. Connect to a VPN server.
    5. Go to the 1377x torrent domain or one of the mirror sites specified above.
    6. Look for the desired game torrent.
    7. Download and install the game of your choice from the list of torrent links.
    8. Install the torrent on your device after it has finished downloading.

What are the Categories Available on the Torrent?

What are the Categories Available on the Torrent

1377x offers users easy and free downloading of software, games, online series, TV series, and other media. People are looking for the simplest ways to get content. Therefore, these torrent websites are snatching up their demand and providing the content for free. Here are the popular categories of content 1377x torrent website offers-

    • Trending Torrents
    • Movie library
    • TV library
    • New TV Episodes
    • Top 100 Torrents
    • Anime
    • Applications
    • Documentaries
    • Games
    • Movies
    • Music
    • Other
    • Television

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Q. Is 1377x torrent legal?

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