Working YTS Proxy Sites List to Unblock Yify Site 2024

Yts is one of the leading streaming platforms or torrent sites that provides a wide range of unique materials. It includes torrenting files, text files, app installers, movies, TV shows, and a lot more. The yify torrenting site uses the BitTorrent protocol for downloading movies. There are different qualities in which you can download the movies like 4K, 1080Pm, 720P, and many more.

However, like all other torrenting sites, yify torrent was also taken down in October 2015 due to illegal activities and providing torrent files without any government permission. However, the site owners have not disappointed the customers. They have still kept the alternatives or the mirror and the proxy links which are still working and provide torrent content to the customers.

What is YTS Torrents?

The yts mx, or yify movies, is a popular torrent site or an online peer-to-peer group launched in August 2011. The site offered free downloads of movies to customers using the BitTorrent protocol. The main attraction of the torrent site was the availability of movie files in HD quality and in a smaller size. Due to such movie downloads, this torrenting site has become popular among downloaders from around the world.

The site achieved overnight success among movie lovers who could download movie torrents that were being hosted on the platform. The site, yify movies, was gaining day-by-day success and attracting millions of views from customers daily.

However, the site was shut down after an investigation due to a lawsuit issued by MPAA in New Zealand. Since then, yify tv users have been waiting for its comeback. Although, the main torrent site is down. But there has been the growth of several proxy and mirror sites which are providing similar yts contents to that of the original website.

What is YTS Proxy?

YTS proxy is a middleman between the internet connection and the website. It acts as a bridge to provide you movie torrent of your choice. A connection is initiated by the browser, which then helps to provide the searched content to the user. The proxy sites are substitutes for the main torrent websites. When you are using a proxy site, your location and the proxy location remain hidden. The yts unblocked proxy sites actually unblock the website’s main content, which is available for download to the users.

Working YIFY/YTS Proxy Sites List 2024

The proxy list keeps the users’ location hidden and allows them to download movies of their choice from yts unblocked proxy list. Therefore, if you are a movie freak who faced significant loss due to the yify site being banned, you should access the available proxy links in the market.

yify/yts proxy

Note: Creativepixelmag is strictly against piracy, and thus we do not suggest that viewers download any kind of copyrighted content. We suggest using these sites responsibly.

YTS/YIFY Proxy List Country Speed Status – Official United States Very Fast Online United States Very Fast Online United States Very Fast Online – New United States Very Fast Online – New United States Very Fast Online United States Very Fast Online United States Very Fast Online United Kingdom Very Fast Online
YTS Proxy 9 Australia Very Fast Online
YTS Proxy 10 United States Very Fast Online
YTS Proxy 11 United Kingdom Very Fast Online
YTS Proxy 12 United States Very Fast Online
Yify Proxy 13 United States Very Fast Online
Yify Proxy 14 United Kingdom Very Fast Online
Yify Proxy 15 United States Fast Online
Yify Proxy 16 United States Fast Online – New Australia Fast Online United States Fast Online – New United States Fast Online – New United States Fast Online – New United Kingdom Fast Online Australia Fast Online United States Fast Online Canada Fast Online Canada Fast Online United States Slow Offline United States Slow Offline United States Slow Offline United Kingdom Slow Offline Australia Slow Offline United Kingdom Very Slow Offline United Kingdom Very Slow Offline

Best Yts Alternatives Website 2024

Although, there are yts clone sites which have different links for access for the customers. However, if the users want to enjoy the lost essence of the original website of yify, then there are some alternative which the users can access to download contents from the movie torrent site. Let us look at the alternatives which are available for the users.

yify or yts alternatives

1. KickassTorrent

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Kickass torrent is a popular alternative to site like YTS, which makes surfing more straightforward for customers. It has a user-friendly interface that provides the source of torrent content to the customers in a more friendly and organized manner. This torrent site has a host of other content besides movie torrents. You can find every piece of thing, from movies to games, software, applications, and others, on the Kickass torrent website. Since the inception of this torrent site, Kickass torrent has aimed to set high standards for users looking for torrents on the site. Thus, the compelling features of Kickass torrent make it one of the best alternatives to the yts or the yify movie torrent site.

Proxy & Mirror Sites: Proxy 1, Proxy 2, Proxy 3

2. 1337x

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Regarding visual appeal, the 1337x torrent website is the best in the business. It has a long presence in the torrenting industry, and there has been no proper replacement for the 1337x torrent site. This site can provide access to different kinds of newly launched movies, making it an effective alternative to websites like YTS. Moreover, the site is more appealing and attractive to customers because you can find different content categories on the 1337x torrent website. Moreover, the trending area of the 1337x torrent site provides access to the trending torrents of the website, making it more friendlier for the users.

Proxy & Mirror Sites: Proxy 1, Proxy 2, Proxy 3

3. The Pirate Bay

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The Pirate Bay

If you are finding a quality torrent tool with a host of torrent and magnet links, there is none better than the Pirate Bay torrent website. It is one of the best and the most attractive alternative to sites like the YTS. There, you can find up-to-date contents, all of them are downloadable along with the magnet links and a platform for downloading the files. Moreover, the immense popularity of the Pirate Bay website is due to the availability of illegal links which might contain viruses. Rest, it is one of the best torrenting sites to download high-speed torrent files without any issues.

Proxy & Mirror Sites: Proxy 1, Proxy 2, Proxy 3

4. LimeTorrents

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Despite being very popular, it is one of the most suppressed torrent sites in the industry. Finding the original site of LimeTorrents rather than going into the fake ones is very complicated. The interface of the LimeTorrents website is very clean, with nonintrusive advertisements. Therefore, the features and compatibility of this torrent site make it one of the most compelling alternatives to websites like YTS. You can also view the health of the torrent, and when you are searching for a file, there will be thousands of search options which are available for the users. Therefore, you can check out the Lime Torrents torrenting site to download some quality movies.

Proxy & Mirror Sites: Proxy 1, Proxy 2, Proxy 3



EZTV is one of the most widespread and commonly known torrent sites in the world, with its dominance in the torrenting industry. The availability of different types of content on the EZTV torrenting website makes it a renowned yts alternative and can be used by customers for downloading movies. The EZTV site can help you search for files from multiple torrent trackers altogether. Millions of visitors are on the EZTV torrenting website, making it one of the best among the other sites in the world.

Proxy & Mirror Sites: Proxy 1, Proxy 2, Proxy 3

6. Torrentz2


Torrentz2 is a simple and fast search engine where you can search for different kinds of torrent files without any hesitation. You can download all types of games, movies, tv-series, and other files for free. The search engine is entirely simple to use, and torrentz2 hosts thousands of files in its library collection. Therefore, all the features and power-packed usefulness of Torrentz2 make it one of the most compelling yts alternatives. So, if you are searching for a torrent site where you can easily find movies of your choice and can work similar to the yts site, then there is none better than the torrentz2 torrenting website. You can watch free movies by downloading them in high quality from Torrentz2.

Proxy & Mirror Sites: Proxy 1, Proxy 2, Proxy 3

7. IsoHunt


Due to the safety and privacy reasons of BitTorrent users, the isoHunt is a safer torrent website that the users can access for downloading content. You can find the latest releases of movies, games, software, applications, anime, and other files. Therefore, if you are searching for a torrent website that can serve as a better alternative to YTS, you should visit the IsoHunt torrent website. This site was launched as an alternative to the BitTorrent site after it started facing privacy concerns on its platform. The IsoHunt is one of the most significant BitTorrent search engines in the world. So, you can simply access the site and download your favorite content.

Proxy & Mirror Sites: Proxy 1, Proxy 2, Proxy 3

8. Torrent9


Torrent9 has millions of popular torrents, and movie torrents on the torrent site. The user-friendly and easy-to-use interface of the website makes it simpler for users to browse through the torrent files which are available on the platform. So, if you are searching for the best alternative to yts, you can go for the Torrent9 torrenting website. Here, the downloading speed of the content is also fast, and you can quickly get them on your device. The contents available on Torrent9 are also properly organized, making it simpler for the users to browse through the files available on the torrent site.

Proxy & Mirror Sites: Proxy 1, Proxy 2, Proxy 3

9. Rarbg

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RARBG is one of the best-known torrent sites across the globe. However, there are some intrusive ads and popups, but the site has always been able to keep up with the interests and demands of the visitors. The site has multiple seeders with many contents on its database. So, with all its features, the site ranks in the best free yts alternatives, which the users can access to download torrent files of their choice. RARBG can be a quality option for the yts torrent site users because the site allows customers to download movies in higher resolution and quality. Therefore, if you are searching for a decent alternative to yts, you can access rarbg.

Additional Working YTS/Yify Proxy Websites

How Does YTS Proxy Work?

Yify proxy acts as a bridge between you and the website and establishes a stable connection. Therefore, when you are searching for movies on the yts proxy site, your IP address and the proxy site’s location will remain anonymous. This way, you can safely download HD movies from the yify proxy site. It will successfully erase your digital footprint for evading the geo-blocking procedure by internet service providers.

Why Should You Use YTS Proxy?

There are several reasons why everyone must use the yts torrent website. The proxy site can provide you access to the original yify torrent website from which users can download movies of their choice. There are no restrictions to downloading movies from the yts proxy sites. Also, the yts proxy is a cost-effective option for the users to download content as it does not require any charge for downloading the movies. When you use the yify proxy site, you download the movie content anonymously. Therefore, you can easily download movies on your device without your internet service provider knowing about your internet activity and location. And lastly, you won’t require any technical skill to download movies from the yts proxy website. Therefore, all such advantages prove that yts is the best website for downloading movies for free.

What are the Ways of Accessing YTS or YIFY When it is Down?

You can access the yts torrent website when the original site is down in different ways. Let us see all those methods in detail.

VPN Server

The most common and most advantageous method of accessing the movies of yts is to connect to a VPN server. When you are connecting to a VPN, it actually bypasses your original location and hides it. Therefore, you can surf for your desired movie from the yifi torrents site without your internet service provider knowing about your location.

Proxy and Mirror Links

Proxy links are another alternative for accessing the original contents of the yify torrent site. When you are accessing the proxy links, you can download the website’s original content when it is down. The proxy link is an alternative that establishes a bridge connection between the user and the server without the ISP of your area knowing about your connection and location.

Tor Browser

Tor is another browser that hides your current location and helps you to find content from the yts torrent site. This can help you remain anonymous when torrenting your favorite content on the yify torrent website. However, the site is a bit slow in case of torrenting.

DNS Server

Another great option to access yifi movies is to change the DNS server of your location. You can turn your private DNS server to a public one that can help you access the torrent site without any hassle. So, when the original yts or yify site is down, you can change the DNS server to gain access to the original contents of the yts torrents site.

Best Features of YIFY or YTS

There are multiple features of the yify movie torrenting website which customers can use. The features of the torrenting website are.

    • The website features faster downloading of movies.
    • Availability of movies in high definition like 4K, 1080P, and 720P.
    • Availability of a significant number of peers. Good collection of movie torrents.
    • Allows users from different parts of the world.
    • Search option to search for the movie wanted by the customers.
    • Provides a separate torrent file and magnet link for each file.
    • Availability of multiple download links for the respective movie torrents

What Happened to YIFY Torrents?

The yify tv torrenting site gained overnight success with the many movies it provided customers for free download. The service was running successfully until MPAA launched a lawsuit against them. The site was taken down since then, and users could not access the torrent files of yify torrent. It is anticipated that the lawsuit was issued due to the site illegally providing movie content. It was breaching the copyright rules and providing movies to customers for download.

Why YTS is Not Working?

Although, the yts torrent website gained overnight success and became very popular among movie freaks. It lost popularity when the truth behind providing free access to launched movies was revealed. Since its establishment, the site has provided many attractive movies to its customers. But in 2005, the site had faced a lawsuit from a New Zealand organization which led to its downfall, and the company, upon investigation, was found that it had been violating copyright rules and regulations. And therefore, the site, due to copyright infringement, was banned from the industry, and the governments of various countries blocked the yify tv torrenting site. This is why the site is not working and cannot be accessed by the users.

How to Unblock the Yify or YTS?

You can unblock the torrent site for downloading movies from the website in different ways.

    • You can connect to a virtual private network, bypass your original location, and download movies anonymously.
    • You can also access the proxy links to unblock the original contents of the yify torrent website and gain access to it.
    • You can use the tor browser for browsing content from yts. However, the user’s anonymity through the Tor browser is not always secured.
    • You can also change your DNS server and make them public to unblock yify torrents site and access their original contents.

How to Use YTS or YIFy site Anonymously?

The best way to access the yts website anonymously is to connect your device to a virtual private network before accessing the torrent site. Once you connect yourself to a VPN server, your connection will be established between the site and you without any third party in between. This way, you can keep your location hidden while safely surfing on the yify movie torrenting site without anyone knowing. Therefore, for anonymous browsing, VPN is the best way to access the yts or yify movie torrent website.

How to Download from YTS?

Users need to follow some guided steps for downloading content from the YTS torrent website. The steps are as follows.

    • Firstly, connect your device to a virtual private network.
    • Visit the original website of the yifi torrent. If the site does not open, check into a proxy or a mirror site.
    • Go to the search option and type the name of the movie that you wish to download.
    • You will be provided with different movie links. The quality might also vary from 1080P to 720P and also 4K.
    • Download the movie torrent on yify movies site.
    • Open the torrent with your torrent client to download the movie.
    • Once the movie is downloaded to your device, you can watch them without any hassle.

Yify/YTS Proxy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is the YIFY torrent site shut down?

Ans. Yes, due to a lawsuit issued by the MPAA from New Zealand, the YTS torrent website was shut down, and most governments banned its operation in the respective countries. However, you can still access the mirror sites, which provide the original contents of the yts website.

Q. Is using yts torrent illegal?

Ans. Using any torrent website is illegal if the site does not follow the rules of copyright regulations. But, since torrent websites are used in huge numbers, no one can spy on you and put you under bars.

Q. Which site replaced the yts site?

Ans. There has been no proper replacement for the yts torrent site after it got banned. However, is its successor, a proxy site providing similar content to the original yts site. But the site is without any regulation.

Q. Is VPN required for the yts alternatives?

Ans. Since most of the alternatives of yts are also torrent sites that provide content that violates copyright rules, they are also banned in significant parts of the world. Therefore, if you are trying to access the alternatives of yts, you must connect yourself to a VPN and browse the website anonymously.

Q. What has led to the shutdown of YTS?

Ans. Yts, or the yify movie torrent site, was an overnight sensation among movie lovers. It was running perfectly before it had faced a lawsuit from MPAA, an organization from New Zealand, due to violating copyright regulations. Since then, the yts movie site has been shut down and is unavailable to users.

Q. Is it safe to browse on yts/yify torrents?

Ans. The yts or the yify torrent site is safer than other movie torrents. However, users must know the risks before downloading movies from that torrent site.

Q. Is yts site legally accessible?

Ans. Though the original website of yts has been banned in several countries, therefore there are no legal ways of accessing the original yify site. But, different proxies and mirror sites provide access to yts torrents.

Q. How can I access the inaccessible yts alternatives?

Ans. If you see that the yts alternatives are inaccessible, you should try following the methods which can bypass your current location. It includes using a VPN network, changing the DNS server of your location, and using the Tor browser to access the alternative or to access the proxy links of the alternatives. This can help you to unblock the locked yts alternatives.