Torrent9 Alternatives & Torrent9 Proxy List December 2023

If you are a torrenting expert, you must be aware of the frequent mass torrent website bans that have been almost a norm since the inception of torrent sites. Torrents are by far, the most hassle-free to download premium content quickly for free, on your device! Having said that, sites providing torrents often have to face piracy and copyright violation accusations, and you can often find your favorite torrenting sites under blockage. In this article, we will discuss the case of one extremely popular torrenting website – Torrent9. Torrent9 has been rising in the ranks rapidly ever since 2018. It has been hailed as one of the most efficient sites for downloading content across the internet.

However, soon the site succumbed to the efforts of anti-piracy groups, leaving its thousands of users devastated. We have carefully curated an entire blueprint of torrent9 and even provided a complete list of potentially working torrent9 proxies. In this article, you will also discover a list of various torrent9 alternative sites (we have carefully curated) that work just as well! Additionally, we will address the ‘potentially unwanted applications or PUAs that often get installed while navigating torrent sites and offer step-by-step solutions to this problem. So whether you are a novice in torrenting or an expert, we hope that this article will be helpful for you in getting a clear idea about torrent websites, how to access them, and more!

Unblocking Torrent9: The Trick

If you are unable to access the Torrent9 website from your computer, the reason may be various. The site may be blocked in your region, or your internet service provider might restrict your access to the site. Proxies or mirror sites, if you are unaware, are identical copies of websites. These are created either to alleviate the pressure of excessive traffic on a particular site address and to ensure that the site lives on in sudden closure due to unforeseen circumstances. When you click on a Torrent9 proxy link, you visit an identical copy of the site, bypassing any restrictions that may have been imposed on the original site.

Note: The mentioned torrent sites are just for reference purposes, we don’t recommend piracy.

Torrent9 Proxy & Mirror Sites in December 2023

On the contrary, it is also important to consider that even proxy sites can be blocked in various regions and by ISPs. In that worst case scenario, you will need to unblock sites through other means like using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), or TOR.

Best Alternatives to Torrent9 in December 2023

torrent9 alternatives

Above, we have discussed the various ways by which you could access and unblock Torrent9. However, users may not want to go through all that trouble and instead look for viable and similar alternatives to the Torrent9 website. Well, in that case, we got your back! Find below a list of some of the most popular and highly ranked torrent websites, each of which has the potential to be a great alternative to Torrent9:


RARBG, similar to Torrent9, has an extensive collection of all kinds of content that you can access for free. TorrentFreak listed the website as one of the most visited websites in its 4th annual list.

    • Features – With a clean and smooth UI, this website supports both peer-to-peer sharing and magnet links. Its database is brimming with content ranging from movies to games and software.
    • Availability – Barring a few countries like UK, Denmark, Turkey, Indonesia, or Portugal, you can access RARBG from most regions.

RARBG Proxies List

If you are looking for a list of the top 5 torrent sites out there, you are sure to find ExtraTorrent on the list! It boasts of a huge online digital index of movies, shows, games, and any content you may look for.

    • Features – ExtraTorrent offers the option of peer-to-peer file sharing and easy download through magnet links. Its easily navigable UI also adds to the smooth experience.
    • Availability – India, Italy, UK, Spain are some countries where ExtraTorrent is not accessible. However, you can always unblock the site through proxy links.

ExtraTorrent Proxies List

3. 1337x

Surviving against numerous mass torrent bans and government actions 1337x hosts one of the most extensive collections for movies, shows, and music.

    • Features – It has different sections for different types of content, making the site very user-friendly and accessible. The site offers any kind of content you can think of – from movies and games to even audiobooks.
    • Availability – 1337x can be accessed in most regions, except a few like the UK, Australia, Ireland, and Austria. Even in those areas, proxy and mirror sites can be a great alternative!

1337x Proxies List

4. The Pirate Bay

For the record,the Pirate Bay is one of the oldest torrent sites out there. It has a huge fan following and has survived through a multitude of torrent bans.

    • Features – Supports both P2P file sharing and magnet links as well as manual torrent downloads. The user interface (UI) is fairly easy to navigate and features a huge collection of content.

  • Availability – It is pretty much accessible in almost all countries, period!

TPB Proxies List

5. Kickass Torrent

Kickass Torrent has always been in the news because of its constant shutdowns by government bans. Yet, it has survived due to its proxy sites like kickass

    • Features – It has a huge directory of content, including movies, shows, and anime. The Kickass community also posts regular updates of torrents that can be downloaded through the website.

Kat Proxies List

6. Yggtorrent

Yggtorrent is one of the leading French websites for torrenting. It has been consistently listed as one of the most promising and reliable sites of all.

    • Features – It is known as one of the finest BitTorrent tracker websites, with the most number of premium content for downloads (for absolutely free). It functions through P2P file sharing and maintaining a ratio of 1.
    • Availability – It is accessible mostly in all regions.

7. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 has been fighting against government bans for a long time. It is one of the most efficient meta-search engines.

    • Features – It acts as a huge directory of content. When you search for a movie or a show, you will be directed to a list of torrent files matching your search hosted in other torrent websites.
    • Availability – Torrentz2 can sometimes be inaccessible, but the proxies are always up.

Torrentz2 Proxies List

8. Cpasbien

This was one of the biggest competitors of Torrent9 before it suffered closure and ban.

    • Features – One of the most efficient French torrent websites. It has a huge collection and is easy to navigate.
    • Availability – Even though the official site can be down at times, you can always use a proxy or VPN.

What Happened to Torrent9?


As we mentioned, torrent9 had been gathering a huge number of fan following. With smooth and easy to operate UI and a huge library of content ranging from movies and shows to games and software, Torrent9 was becoming the go-to torrent site, especially in French-speaking countries. It is important to note that the site was not very high in ranking during its early years but experienced a meteoric rise ever since the closure of another popular French torrenting site, the Cpasbien.

When Cpasbien shut down, the original Cpasbien site showed a link to the Torrent9 site as an alternative, leading to the rise in popularity of Torrent9. However, an increase in site traffic also earned the attention of authorities working against torrenting. Soon after, in November 2018, the Torrent9 website ceased to function – visitors to the site found a message posted on the site which informed them that Torrent9 would no longer offer downloads. Curiously, one particular VPN was also promoted on the website leading to further confusion about whether purchasing this VPN will allow the users to access Torrent9. Torrent9 closure has been one of the most searched torrent closures on the internet. Users were left dismayed at the disappearance of their favorite site.

Does Torrent9 Have a New Address?

Like every other website that suffered from authorities’ wrath, Torrent9 also did not remain completely blocked for long. The site has multiple proxy addresses, to which we shall come later. Torrent9 also came up with various new official addresses ever since its closure. It is hard to keep track of the official addresses because the Torrent9 authorities always have to be alert about bans and shutdowns; hence the address changes frequently and strategically.

As of 2023, the Torrent9 site is working at the official address of or You can visit these sites, browse through Torrent9’s vast library of content and download what you wish. However, the official address might not always be accessible in all parts of the world. The next best option, in that case, is accessing the site through its proxy or mirror links. Please continue reading to know the whereabouts of complete Torrent9 mirror and proxy sites!

Preventing the Installation of Potentially Unwanted Applications: A Step-by-step Guide

So far, we have discussed the case of torrent9, the ways to access it, and its alternatives. Now it is time to address another very common problem related to torrenting websites like Torrent9. Experienced users will know that often when you visit Torrent9, your screen is flooded with advertisements that have no regard to what you search for because sites like Torrent9 support rogue advertisement networks.

These advertisements or notifications are designed to initiate unwanted applications on your device, even if you accidentally click on them. PUA’s can also be unintentionally downloaded along with the installation of other apps or programs. What happens is that PUAs are included within the downloading process of programs as extra offers, and the user ends up with these unwanted apps on their device unknowingly. However, you can avoid such incidents by simply adjusting your settings.

In most cases, PUA’s are downloaded when a user clicks mistakenly on an ad or a notification. If the websites are blocked from sending you information, then the risk of installing PUA is greatly reduced. Here’s a way how you can do that on PC, Android, and ios:

Prevention of PUA for PC (For Google Chrome)

    • Step 1 – First, you will need to visit Google Chrome settings. To do this, simply click on the three dots at the upper right corner of your screen and select “Settings.”
    • Step 2 – You will be redirected to the Settings page right away, where you can find the”Advanced” option. Click on it.
    • Step 3 – You will then need to visit the “Privacy and Security” section and click first on Content Settings and then “Notifications.”
    • Step 4 – You will find the lists of URLs which have sent you suspicious notifications. Click on the three dots beside the URLs and select on the “Block” option The URL would not be able to send you any more rogue notifications.

Prevention of PUA for Android (For Google Chrome)

    • Step 1 – Similar to the PC method, the first step is to visit the Chrome settings by selecting the three dots on your upper right screen.
    • Step 2 – You will now need to scroll down and select “Site Settings.” After that, click on “Notifications.”
    • Step 3 – You can now find all the URLs that you want to block notifications from.
    • Step 4 – Click on each URL, select “Permissions,” and set the button for “Notifications” to OFF. The websites are now blocked from sending you any notification when you visit them.

Prevention of PUA in ios (MAC)

    • Step 1 – First, you need to select the “Safari” button. Then, you need to select the “preferences” option by clicking on it, which you will find on the left upper corner of the screen.
    • Step 2 – You will find a “Websites” tab – click on it and select “Notifications”
    • Step 3 – You can now locate any suspicious websites. All you need to do is select the “Deny” option beside each of them. You are now safe from receiving unwanted notifications.

So simply follow our step-by-step guide and never worry about PUAs again!

Concluding Note:

We hope our detailed discussion of torrent9 and its alternatives and proxies have provided our readers with an insight into the world of torrents and their accessibility. We have also provided a guide on avoiding one of the most common problems that many face during torrenting – PUA installation. Torrenting is more popular than ever, even with constant bans, and our article attempts to provide a guide for a smooth torrenting experience!

Torrent9 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How does the Torrent9 proxy work?

Ans. The proxy allows you to enjoy the site by unblocking any restrictions. When you click on a Torrent9 proxy link, you visit an identical copy of the site, bypassing any conditions that may have been imposed on the original site.

Q. What is Torrent9’s new address?