New Working MagnetDL Websites & Proxies 2024

Today, there are several streaming platforms available. There are so many sources to watch movies, series, dramas, play games, and so much more. However, accessing and streaming various content at our own will is more fun. Here is where torrent search engines like magnetdl come in.

What is exciting about Magnetdl Torrent is its clean and user-friendly interface. As the name suggests, this streaming source has magnet links for all torrents. In addition, users get detailed information about the seeder-to-leecher ratio. Magnetdl also gives us the torrent file lists.

Is MagnetDL Safe?

Safety, of course, is a very sensitive issue that users must feel concerned about. Sometimes, torrent websites may have links to malicious files. Hence, users must be cautious about cyber threats. One must look for viruses, malware, or other hazards that can tag along with unauthorized sources.

Therefore, to ensure the safety of your system, be aware while downloading torrents. Magnetdl torrents sometimes may give rise to security issues if not used cautiously. Hence, be mindful of downloading safe torrents.

What Happened to Magnet DL?

Magnetdl torrent came into action in 2012. Users could enjoy an easy-to-use search portal as soon as it was launched. For years now, users have had their hands on millions of content.

However, unfortunately, after a successful run of seven years, magnetdl torrent closed off their service. It is sad, given the user-friendly interface and easy-to-access torrents. However, it is still clear what is the reason for this decision of ‘closing shop.’ But the internet has brought a few alternatives for torrent magnetdl.

Top Features of Magnetdl

Magnetdl torrent is one of the most popular torrent search engines. This website allowed users to stream content from movies to TV shows, music, etc. For years, the site offered services quite similar to other torrent sites. However, unlike traditional torrent files, one of its exclusive features was using magnet links.

The following are some of its top features-

    • It included torrent file list information
    • In detail, seeder to leecher ratio for users
    • Magnet links for every torrent

However, after a successful run, magnetdl torrent closed the shop in 2019. The reason likely is copyright issues with the host providers. However, fans were not pleased.

How Do You Unblock the Magnet DL Website?

Sometimes, users may not be able to access the torrent magnetdl website. When this happens, your Internet Service Provider (IPS) is likely in action to block it. In some countries, MagnetDL blocks access. Hence the issue of being unable to use it.

For example, magnetdl torrent websites will only work in some states of the USA. So, we must find out some ways to unblock the website. Given the pirated content or fallout with host providers, user ISPs of different countries tend to block access to magnetdl.

    • The easiest way to unlock magnetdl and get access is to use Magneldl proxy websites. Users can use torrent mirror sites that can be useful to bypass the magnet link blocks.
    • If you bypass the links, you can access the original torrent streaming site without installing any application to your browser.
    • This is the easiest way to unblock the torrent magnetdl site and get full access to its contents.
    • Apart from this, there are other ways to access this torrent website. But with proxy websites, users can get through way more easily since these torrent mirror or proxy websites are unique.
    • You can search throughout the internet and find such website proxies. These are free and safe to use.

New Websites of Magnetdl in 2024

MagnetDL proxy

The magnetdl torrent websites closed shop after being active for almost seven years. After this incident, fans were not pleased. Hence, proxy websites came to the rescue. There have been changes since then to the torrent streaming site.

Stay tuned to this page to learn more about new changes to magnetdl torrents and more!

Note: If your office has banned some sites on the network, do not attempt to unblock them. Doing so is an illegal act and a violation of policy.

What are the Best Alternative to Magnetdl Sites?

Pirate Bay

If we are looking for an alternate site, Pirate Bay is one of the first options to consider. This site does not pose the threat of any virus attack. Sure, there are a few contents that require parental supervision. But no other security or cyber-threats can cause system malfunction.

Some countries block the website, but not all. The website is like a gold mine for users. Pirate Bay offers movies, TV series, games, software, music, and more.


Another torrent site that users can avail of instead of Magnetdl, is 1337x torrents. It is a free-to-use BitTorrent website where we can access torrent links. One can have a large array of content and offer a vast database with many torrent links. Content is available in an organized way.

They are classified for better navigation and search. Categories such as anime, documentaries, movies, series, games, etc are available. A search bar is prominent enough for users to use and find content.


Next, we have an Eztv torrent site that offers downloadable files for users. We can find every new movie or series on this website. One can stream and download at their own will. Using a VPN is better while accessing content from this site.


Another torrent site is Nyaa. It is famous among users for its anime content. There are several anime contents that Nyaa. si torrents have in store for us who love this genre. Initially, the site went down in 2017. However, the disappointment of fans brought it back in use in 2023.


One of the private BitTorrent streaming sites is IPTorrents. It is a website that helps access several files that users can download. These files include movies, series, shows, music, etc. IPTorrents is an invitation-only community exclusively.

This means that we, as users, must get an invitation to join the website community. This attracts users, who get hands-on exclusive access to torrent files.

Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads is one of the classics that users can get as an alternative. However, for some reason, the website is slowly getting less traffic over time. The website receives five million users per month as of today. Also, it is only available in some regions. Nevertheless, we can rely on Torrent Downloads as an alternative torrenting site.


Another alternate site on the list is the Demonoid website. Demonoids successfully withstood the test of time. It consistently ranked among the few classics, given the hard times. It has the trust of the torrent community.

The simple reason is the user-friendly and approachable interface. But, the site requires users to sign up before usage and access. The sole motive is to maintain a trusting community and retain loyal users.

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To Wrap Up

Having movies, series, shows, music, games, and so on at our fingertips is sheer joy. Downloading and streaming content at our own will feels excellent. This is where MagnetDL torrent comes into play.

However, to use the magnetdl torrent today, we need to apply proxy websites. However, there are several alternative sites that users can use instead. This page offers what is new for the magnetic sites and other changes. Users can also learn about several features that make magnetdl torrent attractive. Unlock and use it, please. Stay tuned to learn more!

MagnetDL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q. Is Magnet DL torrent blocked?