Latest Yggtorrent Working Websites, Proxies & Alternatives 2023

Is it amazing if we could access a plethora of content from a single source? Well, Ygg Torrent is one such platform. It lets us download several movies, games, music, series, etc. Today, yggtorrent is one of the largest peer-to-peer sharing networks championing the French language. Users can download and distribute files seamlessly.

YggTorrent History

One of the largest torrent sites originating in France is Ygg Torrent, serving millions online. The internet came to know of Ygg torrent in 2017. It is more of a community than a platform with a dedicated tracker. Such platforms are a rarity today.

Ever since the launch, became one of the most frequently visited websites. Statistics show that the site has over a million monthly users. This led yggtorrent to rank 38th in France with 3,500,00 registered members.

How YggTorrent Works

Using the yggtorrent.Do the site accessible? A user must abide by only a few rules to get the results.

    • A user needs to first register on the website of to begin with.
    • The user must register with a valid email ID. You should never use a fake email ID.
    • The ratio while using the yggtorrent should be above 1. One should never leave the files you download in sharing or ‘seed.’ This can lead to the ratio dropping below one and get your account banned.

Users should be comfortable with the website’s interface before downloading and distributing content using the yggtorrent webpage.

How Do You Register and Log in to Yggtorrents?

It is relatively simple to register and log in to yggtorrents and access all the media you want. All you need to do is follow the steps given below-

    • Step 1- Go to the site. Click the option “s’inscrire,” which you will find at the top right corner.
    • Step 2- Now, to register, you must sign up with your email ID
    • Step 3- Sign up with your email ID and a strong password
    • Step 4- Check your mailbox to find a confirmation mail from the yggtorrents. Open the mail and click on it.
    • Step 5- You will get a successful registration notification after clicking the link.

This is all you need to do to register on the yggtorrents website. After you have done so, log in with your email ID and password. Then, it is all yours to find the movies, games, and media you need!

Advantages and disadvantages of YggTorrent

Advantages of Yggtorrent

    • Users can access a media pool and watch and play games in high-definition.
    • Access media anywhere and everywhere
    • All media come organized with episode numbers and in the correct serial order.
    • Exclusive French content

Disadvantages of Yggtorrent

    • The ratio should not fall below 1; otherwise, your account can be banned
    • There are risks to your safety and privacy if you do not use a VPN
    • Not using a VPN leaks your IP address
    • Sometimes, the speed of downloading the contents may be slow owing to several users on the server.
    • There might be threats of illegal streaming, owing to which the site received backlash from search engines and French Internet service providers.

How to Download a file on Yggtorrent?

It is necessary to follow specific steps to use the ygg torrent effectively. The process is relatively easy if you follow diligently through these steps.

Step 1- The user needs to register on the website

    • Visit the website of
    • Go to register on the top right, click register, and create a new account.

Step 2- Search for the content files you need

    • Once you are done creating the account on ygg torrent, you need to search for the files you need.
    • Look for the search box on the top
    • Navigate through the website to look for categorization on the menu bar
    • Search for the contents that you need in the search box

Step 3- Go ahead and download your files

    • After searching for the content you need, the link should pop up.
    • Once you find the Download Torrent link, you should be able to find it after clicking on it.

Step 4- Share the content that you download

    • After downloading the content you are looking for, you need to share it.
    • This helps in preserving your ratio.
    • After downloading the file, you can leave it with the same name on the hard disc. You can use a USB or copy it somewhere else to see it.

YggTorrent Top-level Domain Change

According to the data available online, Yggtorents is one of France’s most visited torrent sites. Since its use, the site has gone through several top-domain changes. This happened to circumvent blocking and fight censorship or suspension.

The domain change was to resist the blocking by the French Internet Service Providers. Also, to combat the censorship and backlash that ygg torrents faced from several search engines. The yggtorrents website domain went through 13 changes from 2017 to 2023.

What is the New address of Yggtorrent in 2024?

The Yggtorrents is not similar to a regular torrent indexer. The website built a community for users. However, it constantly comes under pressure from internet service providers and search engines. This leads to several top domain changes.

Over the years, ygg torrent has had several addresses such as,, and so on.

Follow this page to know more about the new changes in yggtorrents and its current address in 2023.

S. No.

Yggtorrent Proxy Status SSL


1 Online Yes Very Fast
2 Online Yes Very Fast
3 Yggtorrent Proxy 3 Online Yes Very Fast
4 Yggtorrent Proxy 4 Online Yes Very Fast
5 Yggtorrent Proxy 5 Online Yes Very Fast
6 Yggtorrent Proxy 6 Online Yes Very Fast
7 Ygg torrent Proxy 7 Online Yes Very Fast
8 Ygg torrent Proxy 8 Online Yes Very Fast
9 Ygg torrent Proxy 9 Online Yes Very Fast
10 Ygg torrent Proxy 10 Online Yes Very Fast
11 – New Online Yes Fast
12 Offline No Slow
13 Offline No Slow
14 Offline No Slow
15 Offline Yes Slow
16 Offline Yes Slow
17 Offline Yes Slow
18 Offline Yes Slow
19 Offline Yes Very Slow
20 Offline Yes Very Slow
21 Offline Yes Very Slow
22 Offline Yes Very Slow

What is the Alternative to YggTorrent?


The results from numerous search engines come in combination with the quick, easy, and effective metasearch engine Torrentz2. It is an easy-to-access online portal that caters to the needs of millions. It is accessible from anywhere and everywhere.

The Torrentz2 website interface is easy to navigate. It is very straightforward. The website has two major blocks- one menu bar and one search panel. What attracts users the most is that they can access files without registering or submitting personal information.

The Pirate Bay

It is very easy to download and distribute several content like movies, series, and games on The Pirate Bay. It has an excellent reputation as a hub for free torrent files. However, there is one drawback. The site cannot provide meta links to the files.

The website often forces the users to do a direct download. Therefore, it is less user-friendly as compared to other sites. However, it still caters to their user needs.

1337x Torrents

Every month, more than 53 million users visit the 1337x Torrents website. It is undoubtedly one of the most preferred torrents users like for an alternative.

It is a user-friendly website that visitors find easy to navigate. Recently, the website was redesigned, making it more attractive to users. There are more categories on the website, including documentaries and anime.

You can also look for newly added torrents in the last 24 hours. It also has a new section for the ‘new episodes,’ which is a delight.

Kickass Torrents

The kickass torrents are commonly referred to as the KAT by netizens. Users can access a whole directory of files and magnet links on this website. The interface allows for a peer-to-peer sharing network. It works great for an alternative that also uses a BitTorrent protocol.

The website first came into use in 2008 and picked up pace in 2014. It also has a good ranking, according to several sources. However, it was temporarily seized by the US government. Nevertheless, the company revived in December 2016 with a new look and newly added features.


Today, we live in a digital era. Access to movies and TV series, even books online, is natural. However, having everything from a single source is an issue. This is where Yggtorrent comes in! It gives the users a spectrum of downloadable content. However, users should act responsibly and with caution. Using a VPN is mandatory. You can have access to media anywhere and everywhere! Torrenting is fun, but safety should be your priority.

Yggtorrent Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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