TamilRockers Proxy Sites List to Unblock TamilRockers Website

TamilRockers proxy is a popular streaming website. It has tons of followers. The website hosts multimedia content such as TV shows, movies, and web series. All these shows are in regional languages. You can enjoy shows in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and English. However, it is a piracy website. It is risky to use TamilRockers proxy due to copyright content. But there are still many who regularly visit the site to satiate their film cravings.

The following article is based on TamilRockers proxy and mirrors. It offers information regarding such websites and informs users about anything that can be beneficial. There is also a list of working proxies and mirrors where our readers can go to get their daily fit of TamilRockers. For more information, do scroll down.

Intro of TamilRockers Proxy

TamilRockers proxy is the copy of previous TamilRockers website. It has all the same type of TV shows and movies. The website majorly focuses on regional shows. Thus, you have dramas and films in languages like Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. You can also find Hollywood shows here. Thus, users can enjoy all these under a single platform.

Another thing to note is that the proxy is itself a piracy website. The content shown on the platform all falls under copy right protection. Thus, anyone watching or sharing these films and TV shows is in violation of the anti-piracy laws. Therefore, we always urge our readers to remain rational while browsing such websites.

Working TamilRockers Proxy Sites List (2024)

Since we have already introduced TamilRockers proxy, it is time we briefly explain how it works and what do we mean by a working list. As we already know, a website can have multiple proxy sites. And it is the same for TamilRockers. It happens to prevent authorities from taking action. Hence, by keeping multiple proxies, not only can the website keep itself active, but the users can also find alternatives to some dead links.

The following is a list of working TamilRockers proxies that are currently active on the internet. Although there are chances some of these might have been shut down already, we will keep the list going. Hence, there will be appropriate additions and subtractions made to the list regularly.

Working TamilRockers Mirror Sites List (2024)

Mirrors are similar to proxies. They are an exact copy of a website and is hosted on a different server under various IP addresses. Mirrors also server the same purpose as a proxy, which is keeping authorities away from its operations. Hence, we have prepared a list of working TamilRockers mirror sites that you can use currently.


TamilRockers.fun is a proxy website. It has TV shows and movies from India. The shows and films are in multiple languages. There is also a search bar and sections for different genres. Users can go to the website and either stream or download content for free. However, we do recommend using a VPN.


TamilRockers.me is also a proxy website with similar TV shows and movies. The website is popular among fans of regional films. It showcases Indian movie shows and web series. Unlike torrenting websites, it is a streaming platform where you can watch the movie for free without downloading. Lastly, it has a huge library with relevant and updated content.


The next proxy is TamilRockers.nl, a site famous for hosting multilingual TV shows and movies. The website offers a search box and separate sections for different genres. Users need to click on a movie title to start the stream, or they can also download it from external servers.


TamilRockers.unblockit.bio is a streaming website. But it has pirated content. The website uploads something new daily, which allows it to maintain web traffic. And the best part is that you can also view older dramas and films from different Indian movie industries.


TamilRockers.in is a proxy. It has shows from all over India in every regional language. The website is famous for hosting Tamil and Telugu content. Users do not have to worry about paying as it is a free platform. But it hosts pirated content which is a concern. You can do both streaming and downloading on this proxy website.


As a proxy website, TamilRockers.com, is a fan favorite of millions. Users can find desirable tv shows and movies on the platform. But they do not have to pay for viewing the films. TamilRockers.com is one of the largest piracy website. And it has content in multiple languages. If you want to visit the website, do use a VPN for safety.


TamilRockers.nocensor.monster is a popular piracy website with tons of tv shows and movies. All these movies are also downloadable. Since it is a pirate website, it doesn’t charge. Hence, you can directly visit the website and download or stream your favorite tv shows and movies.


TamilRockers.proxybit.work holds a special place among fans. The website updates on a regular basis and uploads recent TV shows and movies. As a piracy site, it doesn’t charge users for money, so they can enjoy the stuff for free and even pass suggestions or make requests.


TamilRockers.nocensor.rest is similar to the rest of the proxies here. It has pirated content that one could view for free. There are TV shows and movies in regional languages. Users can do a quick search and also sort movies by genre.


TamilRockers.unblock.bit is a proxy for TamilRockers. It has TV shows and movies in different regional languages. The website is a streaming platform where you can either watch your favorite TV shows or download them for future use. But it requires a VPN for access.

What Happened to TamilRockers?

TamilRockers was founded in 2011. It was a torrent website that offered illegal downloads of copyrighted content. It mainly pirated Indian films, including regional works in languages like Tamil or Telugu. Gradually, it also started hosting western movies and tv shows. On March 14, 2018, the website finally found itself in deep trouble when three people associated with the site were arrested. One of them was even the site administrator. This resulted in more arrests. TamilRockers was finally taken down on October 19, 2020, by the authorities. Today, there are only proxies and mirrors of TamilRockers operating on the internet.

How to Unblock TamilRockers Website?

Unblocking TamilRockers isn’t hard. All you have to do is follow these methods mentioned below:

i. Proxy/Mirror Sites

You can always use proxies or mirror websites. These are copies of the original TamilRockers website and are sufficient to serve your purpose. And while using them is not equivalent to unblocking, they will get the job done. All you have to do is find a working mirror or proxy website and click on it. Afterward, you can browse the website for your desired content.

ii. VPN

Next is a VPN. It allows users to remotely connect to the internet. Using a VPN is sufficient when unblocking a website. The fundamentals involved will bypass ISP restrictions and allow you to access the site. ISPs only block DNS from listing the site. They can’t force the website to deny incoming connection requests. Hence, when you can bypass the DNS, you can reach the proxy or mirror by using a remote VPN server.

iii. Tor Browser

Tor uses onion routing to move data traffic in the Tor network. Every computer connected to the network acts as a node. Thus, Tor can route your data through any connected node and use it to contact the blocked website. And since it has done so, your ISP is none the wiser. Although Tor is somewhat weaker at online security, it still unblocks the website in question, making it a suitable choice for such operations.

How to Download the Latest Movies from the TamilRockers Proxy Website?

In order to download movies from TamilRockers, do the following:

    • First, download a torrent downloader
    • Normally you can only download a torrent file directly. It has to be converted.
    • Now go to any of the working TamilRockers proxy.
    • Once inside, you need to click on a movie or TV show.
    • After that, you can click on download to initiate the process.

What are the Sites like TamilRockers?

There are many websites that offer the same services as TamilRockers. Users do not have to only rely on proxies and mirrors as they can look for these sites. Also,these sites are holding the same TV shows, movies and other content. So, if you are looking for similar websites, then go no further.


Finally, at the end of this article, we can conclude that TamilRockers, despite being an illegal entity, was a fan favorite and popular among the masses due to its content. It offered TV shows and movies for free and also allowed downloading. The website also had mirrors and proxies that were active after the original was taken down by the Indian authorities. So, those who still want to enjoy TamilRockers can simply go for a proxy or look for an alternative website.

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