New EZTV Proxy Sites List to Unblock EZTV Site 2024

Every user who is an active fan of movies and TV shows is quite excited to watch the content before they are launched on television. And if you have been torrenting, you must be well aware of the EZTV torrenting website, which is famous for providing pirated copies of movies and various types of TV shows. For every new show that appears on the TV or will be broadcasted on some days, EZTV is the only platform allowing its users to download those shows.

However, with the issue of copyrighted content, it becomes difficult for the site to stay in action. Therefore, due to the shutdown of the website, there has been the development of EZTV proxy and eztv mirror sites, which offers original contents of the actual EZTV website. Let us have a glance at the eztv proxy list, which are working and can be accessed by the customers.

EZTV Proxy Sites List 2024 (Updated)

EZTV Proxy list

Note: We don’t promote piracy, Our advice to our readers is to debar from downloading any nature of copyrighted content from these websites and use them responsibly.

How to Use EZTV Proxy?

EZTV is a torrenting website which also offers its own hosting service. However, due to some copyright issues, the website is banned in some parts of the world. However, with the increasing demand for torrenting sites, eztv proxy sites have been launched. They are basically the eztv unblocked sites that offer similar content to the original torrenting website.

You need to visit the EZTV proxy site. Search for the content you wish to download. Once you search for the contents, you will receive a list of torrent files or magnet links for your desired TV show or movie. Check for the reviews, comments and file information to understand whether the link is trusted or not. Click on the link which you feel is safe for download. Once you click on the link, your content download will begin. You can view the downloading information on the homepage of the EZTV proxy site.

How Does EZTV Proxy Work?

The proxy website is basically a gateway between the destination eztv new site and the user. The Eztv proxy sites have a different level of performance, safety and security compared to their original site. All these aspects depend on the configuration, company policy and requirements. If you are using an EZTV proxy site for unblocked eztv contents, you are actually passing through the proxy server through the way of the actual required address.

Once the traffic is passed, the customer receives a response from the same proxy site server. Lastly, the eztv mirror or the proxy site directs you to the obtained data from the homepage. This way, the users can download their favourite and original content from the eztv without being tracked and with an added level of security.

Why it is Hard to Reach EZTV?

Some strict laws might be imposed by the government jurisdiction, which might restrict you from accessing the original eztv website. This makes the site banned in some regions of the world as per the countries laws. Additionally, the IPS of your site might also be responsible for blocking you from the eztv website. These are the most potential reasons that threaten customers’ access to the eztv website and make it hard to reach.

Is EZTV Legal?

Just like all other torrenting websites, EZTV is also an illegal website. The reason is the kind of content it promotes. They do not provide any right or credit for the content they are using. Therefore, the eztv contents fall under the copyright infringement rules. However, EZTV is located on a website where the copyright infringement rules are not so strict. Yet, the site is blocked in some regions by the ISPs where the rules are very strong.

What Happened to EZTV?

Since its establishment, the EZTV website has been closed multiple times. Therefore, the domain name of the EZTV website changes a certain number of times, and it keeps appearing as a new site every time the name is changed.

Due to this fact, the EZTV website is challenging to access for users. But, the proxy sites and the mirror sites available can help you access the original contents of the site.

Ways of Accessing EZTV When it is Blocked

There are many countries across the world where the EZTV torrenting website is blocked and cannot be accessed by the users of that place. But, that does not limit the users from accessing the main contents of the site. There are some methods which customers can use to check the original contents of the eztv original torrenting website.

    • Eztv mirror sites are the best way, as the ISP of your country will be unaware of the contents you are using.
    • VPN is another effective way to bypass your location and protect your data while you access the main contents of the eztv website.

These are the two most common ways in which users can easily access the contents of the eztv torrenting site.

10 Best EZTV Alternatives For 2024

eztv alternatives

Despite the EZTV website being banned in some regions, people mostly turn to proxy sites and mirror sites which can offer the original contents of the eztv website. However, when these proxies even betray the users, they tend to search for the alternatives to site like eztv, which might not offer the same content but can provide similar content to the users. Let us see the best alternatives of the eztv website at a glance.

Kickass Torrents

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Being one of the oldest sites in the torrenting industry, Kickass torrent is one of the best alternatives to sites like eztv. The Kickass Torrent website has different categories for the content it provides. Mostly 9 categories; they are also divided into subcategories which give a detailed insight into the contents of the Kickass torrent website. Additionally, the Kickass torrent website has forty-five languages, making it convenient for users from around the world.


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Next in the list of alternatives of website like eztv is the 1337x torrenting site. More than being a torrenting site which offers magnet links for downloads, it is a community where people can also share the contents that other users can access. Unlike the EZTV torrenting site, the 1337x is known for providing a variety of content like movies, games, software, videos, TV shows and also applications. Thus, as an alternative, 1337x is always an optimum choice.


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One of the famous torrenting sites after The Pirate Bay, RARBG is one of the best alternatives to websites like eztv. The site provides millions of torrents which are grouped into different categories. Users can find both magnet links and torrent files, which are available for download. Like the Kickass torrent website, RARBG also has a provision for different languages, making it a suitable and convenient website for users from around the world.

The Pirate Bay

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Pirate Bay

One of the most popular eztv alternative is The Pirate Bay torrenting website. It is the most popular torrenting website, offering users a wide range of content. The user-friendly interface of the pirate bay website makes it simpler for every user to navigate through the different aspects of the torrenting site. If you are searching for the latest content of different categories in 4K video quality, The Pirate Bay can best serve your purposes.

Lime Torrent

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Not much similar to the EZTV website. But Lime Torrents is one of the best eztv alternatives, which can help you access a wide range of games. Although, other types of content are also available on the Lime Torrents website. Additionally, on the Lime Torrents website, you will get the detailed information regarding the file you are downloading on your device. So, if you are searching for an excellent alternative to the EZTV website, Lime Torrents can help you out.


Similar: Torrentz2 Proxy


Slightly different from all other torrent websites. The Torrentz2 torrenting site is considered the mother of all torrenting sites and a quality alternative to eztv. Apart from providing magnet links, this site gathers torrent files from all other torrent websites. From more than millions of domains to lakhs of torrent files, you can find all types of content of the highest quality on the Torrentz2 torrenting site.

Extra Torrent


Extra Torrent is one of the oldest domains in the torrenting industry, which was closed due to some copyright issues. However, the site has been relaunched, and users can find the different categories of the content of their choice on the Extra torrent website. It uses the BitTorrent protocol to allow peer-to-peer file sharing among customers. With a host of contents, Extra Torrent is anot`her quality alternative of eztv.


Similar: YTS/YIFY Proxy


If you find a better alternative to eztv for downloading movies and TV shows, there is none better than the YTS torrenting site. It has a communicative and intuitive interface which makes file downloading in 4K much simpler for the users. Although, you won’t find any magnet files on YTS torrenting site. But the website is best for downloading movies of all types. It is indeed one of the best alternative to eztv, which you can use for downloading your favourite content.



TorrentDownload is another website which comes in the list of best free eztv alternatives. Whether it is a movie, game, TV show or any other content, TorrentDownload can provide you with everything according to your requirements. They ensure the service and its quality with millions of users worldwide. Moreover, TorrentDownloads torrenting website has a user-friendly interface, making navigation more straightforward for customers.





As the name suggests, Magnetdl is another effective website in the list of best eztv alternatives. The site is known for providing magnet links to the users and all types of content like software, videos, games, TV shows, movies and software. If you want to download high-quality content and are searching for an eztv alternative, the magnetdl website can best serve your purposes. The torrent search feature of the website makes it easier for all users. It is an efficient eztv similar sites providing similar content.

More Alternatives Proxies to Check For:


All these were some of the basic tips for accessing your favorite EZTV with the help of EZTV Proxy & Mirror Sites if one is not able to because of blocking. Many ways are also there with explanations in the above paragraph which will help you in all respect. Access it, enjoy it, and be safe from the illegal content that is the one with copyright. Follow the above ways and download as much as you like. You will need only an internet connection and enjoy your shows while you’re at home.