RdxHd Proxy Sites to Unblock RdxHd Website

What is Rdxhd?

RdxHd is an illegal piracy website which is monetizing the blood and sweat of hard-working artists in the film industry through secondary advertising networks( Networks which support illegal websites in form of ads).

Rdxhd provides movies, web series content to the internet user using free of cost for downloading and watching online.

What are the Features of RdxHD 2021?

We all know, In India, illegal activities will be organized better than legal activities.

RdxHd is providing piracy content in well-organized formats without interrupting user experiences like Netflix and Amazon, but with simple UI. RdxHd provided a search bar for its user to access its content without any navigation issues.

If you see the RdxHd website, you will think whether you visited a genuine website or a piracy website just because of non-popup ads.

I think RdxHd website owners will make more money if they provide legal content with the same dedication and user experience.

How can I Access RdxHd Online?

We know “Where there is a will, there is a way ”.

Rdxhd website admins are creating new ways to approach their audiences through Facebook groups, Telegram channels, and VPN proxies.

The Indian government is blocking every new URL generated by Rdxhd, but unable to stop them from creating new ones.

Using the RdxHd website is a crime but still, you can access the website if you want by installing a VPN proxy on your device.

How do I Download RdxHD Movies to My Computer or Device?

The answer will be:

  • Go to the RdxHd website
  • On the home page, you will find two links (new Bollywood movies and Bollywood Hd movies)
  • Click on one of the links as you wish, it will take you to a page with a list of Bollywood movies available online
  • Click on your favorite movie, it will redirect to the page with a download link
  • Click on the Download link for your favorite movie

How Famous is RdxHd on the Internet?

  • The popularity of the RdxHd website based on traffic and analytics of the website like Alexa.com
  • As per analytics of Aelxa.com, RdxHd ranked 303,832 among global websites.
  • On average a user is spending 0.33 seconds every day.
  • Google Trend is showing a rise in search trends of the RdxHd whenever a new movie release.

How Quickly Does RDxHD Release the Latest Movie?

I think real producers of the movies cannot overtake RdxHd admin in releasing new movies.
RDxHD leaks the movies within 24 hours after the release.

In the case of some movies like Bahubali, Robo 2, they released few scenes in those movies before releasing them in the theater.

After knowing the talent of RdxHd admins, If you want to access the website.

Sorry, it’s your bad luck.

To protect Film Industries from losses and to stop piracy Indian Government took action against piracy websites by blocking some websites( including RdxHd) from Public access.

But still, there are few ways to land on the RdxHd website

What are the Latest Piracy Movies and Shows Available on Rdxhd?

Creating content is difficult and will take time, but stealing is simple, so why did you choose specific movies or Tv shows?

RdxHd is pirating each and every Movie and TV show which has released in the Market from Hollywood movies to Regional movies and Tv shows around the world.

The list of the latest movies that are available on RdxHd websites are:

Dulhan Aur Aik Raat (2021)
Indoo Ki Jawani (2021)
Main Mulayam Singh Yadav (2021)
Myrah (2021)
Lahore Confidential (2021)
The White Tiger (2021)
Kaagaz (2021)
Bad Boys For Life

You will also find some latest south Indian and Hollywood movies on RdxHd

How to Install VPN Proxy on PC?

To Install VPN Proxy on your PC, you have to purchase a VPN service or you can use some free VPN available online. And, please follow the below instructions

  • Go to Windows Icons at the bottom left of the display to open the Windows menu.
  • Search VPN settings on the Windows search bar to add a new VPN connection.
  • Click on Add a New connection which is at the top of the display
  • In the succeeding window, you will encounter a form asking you VPN details
  • In the VPN Provider field, select Windows Inbuilt
  • Add My VPN in Connection Name Input field and Server1 in Server Name or address field
  • Select VPN type as “automatic” and Sign in info as “username and password”
  • Fill the Username and password fields with respective information and press Save
  • Click on the Wi-Fi Tray icon and connect to your new VPN
  • Now your system is secure with VPN proxy

If you are searching for Free VPN Proxy. Visit https://www.torproject.org/download/

Please follow the instructions in the below video to install Tor Safely in your System

How to Install VPN Proxy in Mobile Phones?

To access RdxHd on your mobile phone, you have to install a VPN app on your Smartphone. Go through the following instructions to do that

  • Visit Google play store or App store on your device and search for free VPN in the search bar
  • Select and install one VPN app with the highest downloads and good reviews.
  • Open VPN app and select the Ip address of the country where RdxHd is not blocked
  • You can access the RdxHd website, once your device IP changed

Warning: Accessing Illegal website is crime and you may expose to cyber attacks

Is it Safe and Secure to Download or Watch Movies from the RDxHD Website?

Accessing and downloading Piracy content is a crime. Government cannot punish you, but as a gentle person, you should not steal someone’s hard work free of cost.


Through accessing the dark side of the Internet like the Piracy website, you are taking the risk of exposing yourself to hackers and cyber-attacks.

So Please think once before doing that.

Still, you have a question like this

Is it Mandatory to Install VPN to Access RdxHd?

VPN is not mandatory to access RdxHd, you can access it through Proxy. But the disadvantage of this site is that no one knows which site works. You have to waste your time in the trial and error method to open a working link.

Let’s see How these piracy websites will affect your life?

  • Loss to any industry in a country will be a loss to the Country’s GDP in form of revenue.
  • To compensate for the losses and to provide job opportunities in that industry, the Government has to collect more taxes from Citizens.
  • As a citizen of India, you have to pay more money to the Indian government in form of Taxes for watching and downloading Piracy content.
  • So please stay away from Piracy websites to avoid loss of money in form of Taxes and to safeguard yourself from Cyberattacks.
  • I know some people have few questions related to the Rdxhd website even after reading this article. Let’s go through them

List of some RdxHd Proxy Sites

RdxHD1 shop

Best Alternatives to RdxHD Website:


Tamilrockers is a torrented piracy website which is popular for South Indian movies ( Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, etc,). Most of the popular movies such as Bahubali, Robot 2 are pirated by Tamilrockers. The Indian government is taking action against it by Blocking and trying to find the location of the Tamilrockers. But due to the technical expertise of Tamilrockers, the Indian government was unable to find their location. Tamilrcokers also pirated Bollywood and Hollywood movies.


123movies is a video streaming website which was originated in Vietnam. In March 2018, before shutting down 123movies Motion Picture Association of America named it the Most popular Illegal website. As of March 2021, 123movies is life in the form of clone websites like Gomovies, Gostream, Memovies, etc.


Putlocker is a file hosting index website which allows users to watch entertainment content such as films and Television shows for free. Putlocker originated as another source for piracy content in the United Kingdom after the shutdown of Mega uploads. You will find Hollywood movies, TV shows, and web series on this website. Even though it was shut down by the Government, Now it is rumoring around the internet in the form of clone sites.


Torrentz2 is also similar to other piracy websites but the difference is you can access the content through a magnetic link.


1337x is also a piracy website but they extended their illegal activities to other industries like Software, Gaming and music.


Like 1337x, Torrent9 extended its piracy activities to other industries with the extra mile of Ebook Piracy.


YTS is a piracy website that works on Peer to peer group distribution technology that offers movies in HD quality through Bittorrents. It was started in 2010, originated in New Zealand. There are many illegal websites available to steal your data through free piracy content. Make sure to secure yourself and save the economy by saying No to piracy.

FAQs Related to RdxHd website:

[ap_toggle title=” Q1. Why RdxHd is frequently changing its domain?” status=”close”]The government is blocking the Rdxhd website URL to stop piracy, so they are approaching the audience with new domains.[/ap_toggle][ap_toggle title=” Q2. Is it invulnerable to download movies from RDXhd?” status=”close”]No, Because you may expose to cyberattacks [/ap_toggle][ap_toggle title=” Q.3 What is the RdxHd website?” status=”close”]It is Pirated website where you will find movies related to Hollywood, Bollywood and South India film industries[/ap_toggle][ap_toggle title=” Q4. How can I watch movies on the RdxHd website?” status=”close”]You cannot watch movies on RdxHd, you have to download the movie.[/ap_toggle][ap_toggle title=” Q5.Will I get punished for accessing or downloading movies from RdxHd website?” status=”close”]Yes, It is a crime. The Indian government will punish you[/ap_toggle][ap_toggle title=” Q6. Why does the RdxHd populate so many ads?” status=”close”]The main motive of the piracy website is to make money, so they will show you even worst things to make money. RdxHd is best when compared with other websites which show Spammy ads whenever you click. [/ap_toggle][ap_toggle title=” Q7. Do Rdxhd-downloaded movies contain any viruses?” status=”close”]Yes, The main purpose of the piracy website is to steal the personal data of users by installing viruses through spammy ads and it will result in cyberattacks.[/ap_toggle][ap_toggle title=” Q8. Why am I unable to access Rdxhd in my country?” status=”close”]Your Country Government may block RdxHd to stop Piracy and save users from Cybercrimes. So Please don’t knock on piracy websites. [/ap_toggle][ap_toggle title=”Q9. Is the RdxHD Piracy website safer than other movie Download sites?” status=”close”]No. Every illegal website tries to access your personal data to steal sensitive information from your device such as Credit card, Internet banking information. So please stay away from them. I think this article will be an eye-opener for you. Say No to Piracy [/ap_toggle]