TorrentDownloads New Sites & Proxy List 2024

Whether the search is for high-quality torrents or the best free indie movies, TV shows, albums or open-source software, Torrentdownloads is one of the best torrent sites available. As a vibrant website, it has been offering categories of standard content for many decades. The best is that they are all available within seconds with no price. However, as a person who sometimes wishes to avoid chaos, we have different questions about free items. Is it legal? Can I use it? Will it spam my email, etc.?

Considering the above, it’s reasonable to know that there are many websites out there which claim to offer hassle-free experiences, but only a few can fulfil their promises. Torrentdownloads website is one such website where you will have ease of use and experience of quality. However, before you go ahead and use it, go through the content below. It will help you a lot to clarify doubts and do better.

How Does Torrentdownloads Site Work?

Users make use of Torrents to transfer the data in between without the requirement of any central server. In simple terms, they use the decentralized server wherein every participant of torrent gets actively involved while downloading or uploading the files.

The Torrentdownloads site does not host content files. Instead, it acts as the torrent file’s directory or search engine. When users visit torrentdownloads, they can use the search bar to find the content they need. Once they do so, search results will appear based on queries. When the torrent is found, all that’s needed to do is click on the same, either download it through the use of a magnet link or by choosing download torrent file. Moving ahead, the content is downloaded by connecting through multiple sources, as torrentdownloads are based on a peer-to-peer sharing network. After the files are downloaded, the file is verified, assembled and provided to the users for use.

Just remember, whenever the site is used, as a user, one engages with copyright infringement in most cases. So, be cautious and remember that this blog is just to provide information, not to motivate anyone to be a part of illegal activities.

How to Access Torrentdownloads?

Torrentdownload can be easily accessed by visiting its official portal. However, if one cannot access it, it’s because the internet service provider has blocked the same. Now, this is where the proxy websites sites come into the picture. These sites help to make it possible to access the original websites without the installation of anything in the browser or the system, including VPN. They simply bypass ISP blockage. However, in case proxy websites get blocked, too, it’s better to check for the updated proxy list for torrent downloads.

Why One Must use Torrentdownloads?

In a world today where there are so many websites available for torrent downloads, it’s quite obvious to question why to use torrent download. Well, just like alternative to torrentdownloads, this website too has its own strengths.

    • The website offers a great feel with its organic design or rather organic-looking website. Its uniqueness is better than the others and straightforward for navigation.
    • Featured and verified torrents are offered on the page in different categories.
    • There are comment sections available for sharing issues or queries.
    • The file health found here is great, and therefore, the users do not find issues while downloading the files.
    • There are no interruptions with too much of ads.

How to Download From Torrentdownloads?

To make torrent movie download is quite a straightforward process. To do so, the below-mentioned steps can be followed.

    • Install the torrent client (qBittorrent, uTorrent, BitTorrent and the Transmission) through the official website. It will help to download the files.
    • Make sure to use the VPN. It will help enhance security and privacy while one torrent. It’s the best way to hide the IP address and ensure to protect the identity.
    • Once the above is done, open the web browser and visit the torrentdownloads website. Then, use the search engine to find the current web address.
    • Next, search for the torrent by using relevant keywords and select the torrent after browsing the search results.
      Download the torrent file or just use the magnet link (most common).
    • When the torrent client opens and prompts to choose the download location, do so. Select the folder where the file is to be downloaded.
    • Once the download location is selected, the torrent client will start to connect with the seeders and the leechers having similar torrents. Then, it will begin the downloading by collecting file pieces through different sources.
    • Monitor your download by keeping track of download speed, number of leechers and seeders, etc.
    • After downloading, one gets the option to complete torrent seeding. If you want to, you can use it to contribute towards the torrent community.
    • Lastly, after all the steps are complete, access the downloaded file and enjoy.

Note:- Remember, torrents must be used responsibly and legally.

New Address of Torrentdownloads 2024

If you have been looking forward to the current address or the torrentdownloads status, it’s better to use the search engine or to check the online forums/communities that will help track the information. Also, make sure to maintain caution when having access to torrent websites because the status and availability change in a frequent manner. Some might be subjected to restrictions.

As of now, the new addresses of torrent downloads are.

What Happened to Torrent Downloads?

Torrentdownloads was quite a popular torrent website. However, it got shut down by the authorities as they received complaints about hosting without permission, the copyrighted materials.
The website’s shutdown was quite a major blow to the torrent community as it was one of the largest and quite popular websites with millions of users. Not to forget, it had a variety of torrents, including TV shows, movies, software and music.

Alternate Way of Accessing Torrentdownloads

Sites like Torrentdownloads remain to be blocked in some of the countries. So, to access it, one has to use different ways to use it easily. In the given case, the below-mentioned would help.

TOR Browser/Network

This browser helps in bypassing the ISP blockage. All one needs to do is download it and use the same. As it is available not just for Android but also Windows, OS X, and Linux, it’s a very popular platform. So, to choose it will be the perfect choice for your requirements.


It’s another best choice to make. However, before you choose, make sure to see if the VPN is available in the paid or free version. In case the free version doesn’t fulfil your needs, it’s better to pay a little. The choice also depends on whether you wish to use the VPN minimally. So, choose wisely.

Alternative Websites to Torrentdownloads

There are many torrentdownloads alternatives if you are unable to use the site. They will all help you in finding free indie files and titles. However, make sure to choose wisely as there can be some or the other downsides associated with them.
We have tried our best to present you with the best alternative of torrentdownloads. Just find what suits you best and begin the use today, but with caution.

1337x Torrents

Considered to be one of the best indexers worldwide, this site like torrentdownloads, is used by millions of users. Some users even choose it because of the adult materials the website offers. So, if you are looking for it, it’s better to have access to it; after all, this is a popular choice available in the market.

1337x appeared first after KickAss Torrents was shut down. Through this website, you can easily download videos, songs, web series, movies and even apps. The best part of this torrentdownloads alternative is that they have high-quality content and amazing feature films available for the users to download at high speed.

The website also offers the magnet links used for downloading files through P2P sharing. If you wish to access this website, you can follow the proxy or the mirror sites list.

The Pirate Bay

The website is one of the most well-known around the world. It’s known to operate as the P2P sharing platform and torrent index. The users can fully utilise the website for downloading torrent files and getting a wide coverage of content, including games, software, music, TV shows, movies, etc.

The website might have faced some legal challenges or controversies because of facilitating copyright infringement, but it is one of the prominent platforms for anyone who seeks access to different digital content.


It’s a website designed for the torrent repository. All the users who use it can easily find the TV series, animations, music files, shows, etc., through the website. The best is that the site’s web page has all that to search for.

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents was shut down by the authorities. However, the former employees of it, in the year 2016, reinstated it as It’s like the new version of the older website, but it uses a completely new database of users and comes with some reliable elements. So, if you are planning on using it, give it a go.

EZTV Torrents

No matter whether it’s the need to watch movies or tv shows, is one of the best websites like torrentdownloads that allows users to download torrents. It offers a collection of new TV series and movies covering all genres. So, the next time you need something that’s new in the market, you know where to look.


Serving for more than 13 years, this website is one of the well-known website like torrentdownloads. It has been offering its users all the content, including anime, movies, music and different new seasons of the web series, in one place. So, the question is, who wouldn’t wish to have access to it?


Definitely, there are many alternatives to torrentdownloads, but remember that, Torrentz2 is the prodigy, a direct one. It’s because it shares the name, too and has a similar interface to the torrent search engine. It even uses a similar database, allowing users to find the content easily, making it one of the most powerful as well as useful search engines. It’s very unlikely that you wouldn’t find a file here. All you need to do is put in the current keywords.

Sites Like TorrentDownloads 2023

Final Words

With so much information on torrentdownload, we hope you will give it or any of the alternatives discussed above a try. Well, if that’s the case, we suggest using it cautiously. Further, it’s important to remember that, we are not here to help piracy or support pirated content. The above list, it’s just for the purpose of educating people. We would, therefore, not be responsible for any of the user’s actions.

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