Kickass Proxy List (50+ Working Sites) to Unblock Kickass Torrents

Movies and films are a way to inspire social change among people. Because they can educate viewers about experiences and empathy and raise political questions, they understand it without involving themselves.

We can learn a lot about specific moments or particular ideas of time and time by watching movies. Therefore, social media services provide on-demand entertainment that was unimaginable just a few years ago.

However, many of us still need to go to the movies with friends. When we watch films and series, we aim to relax, enjoy beautiful things, and learn about the world and ourselves. Therefore, this also connects us with the community and contributes to positive social change.

However, let’s face it; we need more money to afford subscriptions and apps for our little entertainment concern. But don’t worry. You can always use free website torrents to watch and download movies. Kickass Torrent is one of the websites that work wonders to provide people with entertainment.

Kickass Proxy Introduction:

Kickass Proxy

Kickass proxy website is a popular site which allows a user to access peer to peer files, by hiding the original IP address so that the data becomes accessible easily. A user can access the Kickass proxy site easily if the proxy site is not blocked in the specific region.

Users utilize the Kickass proxy to download files related to entertainment data. However, the Kickass proxy site does not last very long since the data being downloaded is copyrighted.

Kickass proxy sites allow you to access the entertainment data because the Kickass Torrents are usually blocked in countries due to government rules in countries. Generally, according to the government rules, many countries would like to prevent the act of piracy so the Kickass torrents are blocked.

The Kickass proxy site acts as a server between your internet network and the website you are trying to open. The advantage of using a proxy site is that even though you access the entertainment data your computer and system are safeguarded in the future. KAT proxy is an alternate name for the Kickass Torrent Software.

50+ Working Kickass Proxy List December 2023

Kickass Proxy

The following kickasstorrents proxy websites that work properly:

Note: We don't encourage illegal downloading, so please use torrents to get your hands on media that isn't protected by intellectual property laws.

Why Utilize Kickass Proxy Site:

    • A Kickass proxy site helps the user to use entertainment data in a secured manner. It also prevents the user’s data from hackers.
    • The website generates online traffic which can be easily routed via the Kickass proxy websites.
    • Kickass Proxies create a balance on the server used so that it doesn’t crash.
    • Kickass Proxy sites control the user’s usage in such a way that it can safeguard the system from any viruses.
    • Internet speeds are faster which ensures you can download data at a fast speed by using minimum bandwidth.
    • Kickass Torrents are known due to their fast pace proxies which allow you to download data using a VPN in a secured and systematic manner. A proxy site in kickass is identical to kickass torrent, even though kickass torrent is blocked in your country you can use its proxy site to enjoy the entertainment content of your choice.
    • Kickass torrent or in other words KAT is the most popular piracy site used for downloading pirated content. This software works with the technique of file sharing known as peer-to-peer.
    • According to a leading tech website, kickass torrents faced a massive shutdown in 2016 due to a legal case registered against it by Apple in which the allegation was promoting pirated content and sharing copyrighted content free of cost without relevant legal permissions.
    • The kickass Torrent website had such a strong interface that no other website could provide the same level of access to its customers.
    • The kickass Proxy site was the most popular and widely used site between the year 2014 to 2016. The use of a VPN makes it easier for the user to use a proxy site since the website traffic is encrypted. This prevents viruses and malware from entering your system.
    • KAT Proxy is one of the most popular used torrent sites for enabling users to download media.

Kickass Torrents Alternatives in December 2023

Alternatives to Kickass Torrents

Many websites are equally capable, like Hence, if the website is not working in your country or is blocked in your area, then you can use these alternatives similar to the website. Therefore, we present several recommendations you can use to download content and use it for entertainment.


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The first website in the list to download managers, torrents, and files are RARBG sites. It is one of the better alternatives to kickass Torrent, where you can download many files and contents. Therefore, similar to KickAss Torrents, RARBG provides file streams and magnet links to enable peer-to-peer file sharing using the same method as BitTorrent.

RARBG has a simple and intuitive user interface. Also, RARBG is well known for its capability to provide verified torrents. The app is banned only in Ireland. Therefore, most countries can have access to it.

Features: The best feature of this website is its high availability of high-definition movies. You can find the quality of 720p, 1080p, and even 3D on the website for downloading.


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One of the best alternatives to Kickass Torrent is 1337x. The website provides a repository of torrents, streams, and magnetic links files. Therefore, you can use it for peer-to-peer file sharing via the BitTorrent protocol.

The users of 1337x share the best torrent files for free to download. However, the website is banned in countries such as Australia, Austria, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Features: One of the best features is that 1337x has a clean user interface and design. Therefore, which makes it easy to find content. In addition, to improve discovery, the content is divided into different categories.



Another best alternative to kickass torrents is YTS for downloading different torrents and files. Therefore, it’s an excellent website for downloading free movies. However, the website is solely focusing on movies. You may need help finding content like software or games on the website. Similarly, like RARBG, YTS is only banned in Ireland.

Features: The website is developed with a very pleasing U.I. and lets you stream high-definition movies like 720p, 1080p, and many more.

Pirate Bay

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The Pirate Bay

Another perfect alternative site like kickass Torrent is Pirate Bay, which can give you a great user experience. As you know, Pirate Bay is one of the best torrent search engines other than kickass Torrent.

Therefore, the Pirate Bay allows its visitors to search, download and even add zip links to stream files. Hence, this website enables peer-to-peer file sharing between BitTorrent protocol users. However, the website is banned in many countries, so you can check if it’s available in your region.

Features: Pirate Bay has a minimal user interface and needs more browsing options which is a problem for new users. Therefore, you need to specify what you want to download and use.


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One of the best sites like kickass torrents, is torrentz2 for downloading various files. Torrentz2 is more specialized than 1337x, focusing only on providing music torrents. As a result, it offers the most extensive music collection on any streaming site. However, many of these streams are copyrighted and illegal. However, you can easily have access to it.

Features: You can find a massive range of music on the website. However, on the downside, the website has a high level of advertisement intrusion.

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ExtraTorrent is also an excellent choice for downloading files and torrents among all the kickass torrent alternatives. Moreover, ExtraTorrent is already famous and trendy as the best torrent site. However, the site went down on May 17, 2017, with a closing message on its website. Therefore, the site ExtraTorrent is again back with a new domain and user interface. The government closely monitors the website’s system with BitTorrent to ensure safety. Furthermore, the users choose proxy sites in front of their stream clients to hide I.P. addresses and access KickAss.

Features: The website has a clean and user-friendly interface. You can find high-quality movies on the site.

The Kickass Torrents Overview

Kickass torrents is essentially a website which serves as an online directory for 2 kinds of files, one is Torrent files and the second is Magnet Links which assists users to download files by using the peer to peer file sharing option. The kickass torrent utilises the BitTorrent protocol. This torrent website was established in 2008 and by the Financial Year 2014, it became the most widely used website across the globe.

The kickass torrents due to a legal allegation raised by the Apple organization was given the notice to shut down in the year 2016. However, in the same year, few kickass torrent members joined hands to create a proxy website wherein their focus was to replicate the original features and look and feel of the kickass torrent website.

The advantage of this website was that it provided unlimited access to users for downloading unlimited entertainment content free of cost and systematically without revealing the original IP address of the user. Now, if one proxy website was blocked another one could be created in its place.

Best Way to Access/Unblock Kickass Torrents:

    • First of all, you need to sign up with a registered VPN service. Also, you need to ensure this VPN service enables you to access peer to peer torrent files since without this you will not be able to download your favorite torrent files.
    • You need to create an account on the VPN application on your specific device either a phone or a laptop.
    • The application requires your credentials to sign in, you need to ensure, that the VPN server connects automatically but it also supports kickass torrents which you need to access.
    • Kickass Torrents can be accessed easily.
    • The key reason for blocking a kickass torrent site is because material downloaded by the user is copyrighted and sharing of such data is illegal in the eyes of law.
    • The internet service provider will block your access since they are aware that the bandwidth being utilized to download the content is sufficient. The disadvantage of downloading content from a blocked site is that sometimes the registered server isn’t reachable or doesn’t reflect while downloading.
    • There are 2 ways to download your favorite content via kickass torrents. Firstly, you can use a VPN which acts as a hidden server hiding the original identity of your IP address. It also helps in redirecting the user to the relevant internet website.
    • Secondly, users can use KAT proxy sites or alternatively known as mirror sites which create a replication of content and make the content available to users for downloading.
    • Kickass Proxy sites are essential because they provide the user with the relevant torrent files along with magnet links which you can use to download content in a hassle-free manner.
    • Proxy sites are widely used because the original kickass torrent site has been blocked under the cyber law of the country to eradicate piracy.

Features of Kickass Torrents:


    • kickass torrents is a website designed to serve as an online directory to users in order to download the content of their choice.
    • It provides fast access to users to download content.
    • In 2016, due to an increase in the sharing of pirated and copyrighted content, the US Government announced a complete shutdown of the kickass torrent.
    • Kickass torrents allow users to view content through the method of online streaming. It is not necessary that users need to download the content to view the content of their choice.
    • Installation of the software isn’t required. The best advantage of using a kickass torrent or a kickass proxy is that it warns you when you do not access the website with a VPN. VPN increases the safety mechanism for content.
    • Though kickass torrents and kickass proxy websites promote piracy, yet they are popular and most widely used websites among the users.

What is the Benefit of Using KickassTorrents Proxy/Mirror?

Kickass proxy and mirror websites create a mirror reflection of the original kickass torrent website. Their aim is to safeguard your system from any kind of malware or viruses. It gives you access to pirated content free of cost which becomes non-accessible on a kickass torrent website. Kickass torrent websites allow users to gain 100 percent access to entertainment-related content. Proxy server or website works in a way that keeps your original IP address hidden and away from the eyes of hackers.

Proxy sites or mirror sites enable the user to download content faster than the regular torrent site. If you use a proxy site on your browser, it will help you to safeguard the original IP address from getting registered on any alternate websites that you may open/browse through. The only disadvantage here is due to unlimited cash files the internet speed becomes slow and opening the website easily becomes a challenge.

Do You Think KickassTorrents Website is a Safe Website to Use?

The kickass torrent website has been blocked by the US Government to ensure that piracy of media content can be stopped completely. Hence, users do not have immediate access to the original torrent websites. Instead, many fans and followers of kickass torrents have created proxy and mirror websites to replicate the functioning of kickass torrents. This provides unlimited access to users to download the content of their choice. If one link doesn’t work, an alternate link can be created in its place.

State the Problem Behind Access Denied to the Kickass Torrents website.

The prime reason you cannot access kickass torrent sites is that these sites have been blocked to stop the promotion of piracy. The data available on these sites can be accessed via the proxy sites which have a limited shelf life because if one proxy link doesn’t work, there is an alternative link created to replace the previously available link so that the downloading change of content isn’t broken.

Countries Where kickass Torrent Sites Have Been Blocked:

These countries include Portugal, Italy, Malaysia, China, United States, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Belgium, Costa Rica. Different countries have blocked the use of kickass torrents to restrict the increasing issue of piracy. This also opens doors for hackers across the world to access your personal information if such sites are not blocked.

Kickass torrents are blocked under the cyber laws prevailing in that country which help users to enjoy entertainment content without getting into any legal battle. Kickass torrents therefore can be accessed in the form of kickass proxy websites which allow the user to download content without facing the threat of a virus prevailing in their system.

Ways to Download Kickass Torrent Without an Account:

Ways to Download Kickass Torrent Without an Account

    • Users need to download a designated torrent software on your device before you use the kickass proxy site to download the relevant content.
    • Users need to visit the following website called
    • A homepage will open, once the user opens this link.
    • You can mention the specified data names in the search bar of the website to download the content using the KAT proxy site.
    • Before you download any movie or tv show, please click on the download torrent option without which you will not be able to download any movie or content of your choice.
    • Users need to click on the download torrents site before he proceeds to download the movie.
    • Once the user opens the KAT proxy site, choose the icon which is labeled magnet, you need to click the checkmark on the pop- up box as this will allow you to download the relevant content and save it on the specified location.

KickassTorrents Proxy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is Kickass still open?

Ans. No, the original website of Kickass is not open yet. However, users can visit the proxy sites to access Kickass torrent content.

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